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What Is Immersive Mode In Janitor AI?

Are you one of the users wondering about the Immersive Mode in Janitor AI?

Immersive mode is a feature in Janitor AI that aims to make the characters more human-like and conversationally to your input. You can enable this Immersive mode by clicking the hamburger icon and toggling it.

How is the Immersive mode different from the normal mode in Janitor AI? And how can you enable it?

This article will answer all your questions about the Immersive mode in Janitor AI.

What Is Immersive Mode In Janitor AI?

In Janitor AI, you can find a unique feature in different characters called Immersive mode.

This mode of Janitor AI allows you to chat with the characters more realistically and engagingly.

immersive mode

As the name describes, Immersive mode immerses you in the conversation and creates a stronger bond with the chatbot.

Furthermore, in Immersive mode, you can find more descriptive and expressive language and will also react to your emotions and actions.

For example, if you say, “I’m sad,” the chatbot may try to comfort or cheer you up.

Moreover, if you say, “I hug you,” the characters might say, “Hug you back” or Thank you.

How Is Immersive Mode Different From Normal Mode?

Janitor AI uses natural language processing and machine learning techniques to generate more detailed emotional responses and detect your mood and intentions.

However, these AI techniques and processing are not used in the normal mode, and you can trigger these detailed responses by enabling Immersive mode.

The Immersive mode can make the characters more fun and interactive, as well as more helpful and supportive.

It can also help you develop a deeper connection with the characters, as you can share your feelings and experiences with them.

However, the Immersive mode is not available for all chatbots but only for those designed for social or entertainment purposes.

How To Enable Immersive Mode?

You must enable it in the chat settings before starting a conversation with the chatbot.

Here is how to enable Immersive mode.

  1. Open Janitor AI and log in to your account.
  2. Choose a Character that supports Immersive mode from the list of available characters.
You can check the character’s description to see if the Immersive mode is enabled.
  1. Before you start chatting, click on the gear icon in the top right corner and open the chat settings.
  2. Look for the “Immersive Mode” option in the chat settings and toggle it on.

You can switch between Immersive and normal modes during the conversation using commands “/Immersive on” or “/Immersive off.”

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The Bottom Line

The Immersive mode enables the advanced AI technology and conversational capabilities of Janitor AI.

Furthermore, it can connect you with the characters deeper by understanding your emotions and responding to you in an emotional and supportive way.

You can easily enable it in the chat settings of the characters in Janitor AI.

However, it is unavailable for all the characters; only specified characters have the Immersive Mode option in the chat settings.

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