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How To Beat The Insatiable Baraka In Mk1?

In MK1, you must face a difficult challenge to beat the tough Insatiable Baraka during a Titan Battle.

Players must engage in this Titan battle to complete the game’s storyline and earn valuable rewards for their victory.

To beat the Insatiable Baraka in MK1, you must equip a high-level Talisman by pressing the triangle on PlayStation and the Y button on Xbox. Besides, you can use Windbreaker to deal extensive damage to Insatiable Baraka and finally kill him.

Continue reading to learn how to beat Insatiable Baraka and what rewards you can earn after this Titan battle in MK1.

What Are Titan Battles In Moral Kombat 1?

Titan Battles are Special Events in the game where players engage in Colossal Showdowns.

This time, the MK1 introduces Insatiable Baraka as a formidable challenge to the players participating in the event.

Insatiable Baraka in MK1
It is tough to beat the Insatiable Baraka in the MK1 as he is rich in Health with multiple attacks.

Moreover, these Showdowns happen occasionally as Special Events in Mortal Kombat 1.

The Five Stages Of Battle Against Insatiable Baraka

You must go through five stages during the battle with Insatiable Baraka.

Furthermore, Baraka will charge you with different attack styles in each stage.

Therefore, you must reset your character stats to the strongest to take down this beast.

To make your character stats on point, you must invest all your XP points to your Health and Attacks.

I. First Stage Of The Battle With Baraka

This is the first battle stage where you will face regular Baraka.

It will be comparatively more effortless for you to defeat him at this stage, but watch out for his armor moves.

Baraka has a lot of Health, so you must charge him with high-damage combos to deplete his Health.

II. Second And Third Stage Of The Battle 

As you progress in the battle, Baraka will increase and become twice as big as you.

Furthermore, he will start using devastating moves like Blade Spin and Spike Blast that will deplete almost 80% of your health bar.

You must jump or back dash from Baraka when you see him crouch to throw Blast spikes from his body.

Hence, be careful and try to dodge or block these attacks as much as possible to take less damage.

III. Fourth Stage Of The Battle With Baraka

At the fourth stage of the battle, Baraka will send small Tarkatans to charge at you.

Subsequently, he will throw multiple arrows at you, so you must dodge his arrows by sliding left or right.

Likewise, you can avoid taking damage from the Tarkatans by jumping over them.

IV. The Final Stage Of The Battle With Insatiable Baraka

This is the last stage where Baraka will transform itself into a formidable form with high skills.

Hence, he will start throwing his strong combos at you, and one hit from his combos will cause maximum damage to you.

You must play defensively during this stage, so use a character with good projectile attacks to fight from a distance.

Moreover, keep your Special Meter full to stand a chance against the Insatiable Baraka and break one of his combo attacks.

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How To Beat The Insatiable Baraka In MK1?

If you want to stand a chance against the Baraka, it is a good idea to equip a high-level Talisman.

To equip a high-level Talisman, press the Triangle on PlayStation and the Y button on Xbox.

Select Windbreaker As Your Talismans

The Windbreaker is a good choice among the Talismans as it can deal extensive damage to Insatiable Baraka.

Windbreaker talismans
Windbreaker is the best Talismans as it can deal extensive damage to Insatiable Baraka.

If you are one of those players who love the idea of collecting trophies faster, then conquer the Baraka with an ideal Talisman.

Rewards For Beating The Insatiable Baraka In Mk1

Titans are powerful beings that exceed even the power of Elder Gods in the MK1.

Therefore, you can earn a unique skin when you defeat the Insatiable Baraka in Mortal Kombat 1.

Mortal Combat skin unlock
You can unlock a unique skin when you beat the Insatiable Baraka in MK1.

Furthermore, you can find this exclusive skin on the Invasions hub screen within a new portal.

I. Get Closer To The Kompletionist Achievement

When you defeat these Titanic enemies, you will obtain valuable rewards like unique skins and other fantastic awards.

Hence,  you can accomplish the Mighty Have Fallen trophy after defeating the Insatiable Baraka in MK1.

Thus, defeating the Insatiable Baraka will bring you one step closer to the prestigious Kompletionist achievement.

II. Earn The Mighty Have Fallen trophy In MK1

The Mighty Have Fallen trophy is the most desired Bronze Trophy and a valuable achievement in Mortal Kombat 1.

Players are excited to get their hands on this trophy, so to get it, you need to Komplete a Titan Battle in the game.

The Bottom Line

As Titan Battles keep happening in MK1, you must prepare to face powerful enemies like the Insatiable Baraka.

Remember that even if Baraka is immensely powerful, you can erase his existence as he is not immortal.

So, sharpen your blades, equip your Talisman, and enter the arena for the battle against the Insatiable Baraka.

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