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Is Infinity Ward Taking Over MW3?

One of the recent questions among MW3 players is whether Infinity Ward is taking over MW3 or not.

However, the internet has a lot of assumptions about this, and not all the rumors can be trusted.

There the rumors that Infinity Ward has taken over Modern Warfare III from Sledgehammer, adding Revenge Spawns.

This article discusses Infinity Ward and whether Infinity Ward Taking Over MW3 (Modern Warfare 3) or not.

Introduction to Infinity Ward And MW

Modern Warfare 3 is a first-person shooter video game developed by Sledgehammer and Infinity Ward and published by Activation.

It is a sequel to 2022’s Modern Warfare II and the twentieth installment in the overall Call of Duty series.

Mw3 thrilling first person shooter game
MW3 is the most thrilling first-person shooter game.

However, Infinity Ward is an American video game developer.

Moreover, they developed the video game Call of Duty and seven other installments in the Call of Duty series.

Hence, Infinity Wards has gone through many controversies, and some players mention it as the most overrated game developer of all time.

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Infinity Ward And MW3 Rumors

There the rumors among the social media and gaming platforms that Infinity Ward is taking over the MW3.

However, these rumors left players frustrated, as they believed that Sledgehammer created the only good things about this game.

Reddit discussion on infinity war taking over MW3 rumors.
Reddit discussion on Infinity War taking over MW3 rumors.

Moreover, players believe that Infinity Ward always pulls the strings on MW3.

However, some players presume that if Infinity Ward has taken over the MW3, there will be no bug fixes.

Players state that Infinity Ward will delay every season and break the game more and more if this rumor is true.

Why are Players Against This?

Players mention that Infinity Ward has not made a good Call Of Duty in over a decade, they think MW3 was the last good COD they made.

In addition, players state that it was only possible because of the involvement of Sledgehammer in the game.

However, in many online forums fans express that the last good game they made was MW2, which came out in 2009.

Moreover, they also state that it has been 13.5 – 14 years since Infinity Ward made a good COD.

They have not even fixed the UAV bug in their game, which they ignored for the first 2 months.

Afterward, they lied and said they fixed it which they did not.

So for many reasons, players don’t want this news to be true.

The Bottom Line

The Rumors of Infinity Ward taking over the MW3 is untrue, as the developers have yet to make an announcement.

Remember, relying on verified information and official statements is always better than giving in to unverified rumors.

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