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How To Get Initiate Of Alamut Schematic?

The Initiate of Alamut Schematics is one of the best items players can find in the early game of Assassins Creed Mirage.

To get all the Schematics, players have to progress through and complete a few required tasks.

Initiate Of Alamut Schematic is the upgrade mechanism of the outfit. Players should unlock the Apprentice and Assassin ranks to get the first and second upgrades.

Continue reading about Initiate of Alamut Schematic and the ways to obtain the items in AC Mirage.

What Is Initiate Of Alamut Schematic?

Initiate of Alamut is the default outfit Basim had when he first became Assassin, which is relatively simple in design.

Players can get the outfit after obtaining the Hidden Blade and meeting the Brotherhood in the Taking Fight mission.

Whereas Initiate of Alamut Schematic is the upgrade mechanics of the outfit, daggers, swords or other character items.

Upgrading the Initaiate of the Alamut can allow players to have a significant advantage over the enemy.

Moreover, it allows players to be stealthy and upgrade their mobility when entering a restricted zone.

There are various other Schamtics players who can find throughout the game while progressing through.

In addition, players can find the Schematics of outfits, including Tan Abbasid Knight, Black Abbasid Knight and Black Rostom.

Initiate Of Alamut Outfits

Here is the list of all Initiate of the Alamut Dye players can use to customize the outfit;

1. Blue Initiate Of The Alamut

Initially, players must progress through the main story to get the Blle Initiate of the Alamut.

Further, players should also achieve the  Disciple rank, one of the six hidden Ones ranks of the game.

The Disciple rank is unlocked after completing the Warlock Investigation.

2. Green Initiate Of The Alamaut

The process of receiving the Green Initiate of the Alamut and progression through the main storyline is necessary.

Further, players must complete the Mastermind in the Shadows quest, which unlocks the Novice Rank.

3. Turquoise Initiate Of The Alamut

To get the Turquoise Initiate of the Alamut, players need to reach the rank of Assassin and progress through the main storyline.

Players can complete missions, perform side-quests, enhance their weapons and defeat enemies with stealth.

Turquoise Initiate of the Alamut
Turquoise Initiate of the Alamut.

4. Indigo Initiate Of Alamut

The Indigo Initiate of Alamut is by far the best-customized outfit in Assassin’s Creed Mirage.

Players need to collect all Historical sites to get the outfit, which is quite tricky.

Continue reading to find Green Dome Book in Assassin’s Creed Mirage.

How To Get Initiate Of Alamut Schematic?

Players can equip any of the Initiate Of the Alamut Dye in the inventory to upgrade the outfit.

However, they need to complete the following procedure to upgrade the tier.

1. First Upgrade Schematic

Players should get to Apprentice Rank in Assassin’s Creed Mirage to get the Initiate of Alamut’s first upgrade.

The Apprentice rank is one of the Hidden Ones ranks, which ensures that players see through the walls and locate the enemy quickly.

Players can also use the Eagle Eyes to find nearby treasures and opportunities.

The rank is unlocked after players defeat the Al Ghul in the first assassination mission in the Caravensarai.

As the location is restricted, players need to scan the location and find a way to enter through.

initiate of alamut schematic
Defeat Al Ghul ‘The Slaver’.

After completing the quest players will get Initaite Of Amalut Upograde Semantics.

With the first schematic upgrade, the enemies will hear 75% less noise during any assassination compared to the base version of 50%.

To ensure the upgrade, players should collect additional items, including 30 Steel Ingot and 60 Leather.

Players can get the upgrade materials from the trader around various locations, including Basam or progress through games.

Basam trader
Buy upgrade materials from Basam’s trader.

2. Second Upgrade Schematic

If players have opted for a single outfit upgrade, they can now use the semantics item to enhance the Kit further.

For this, players need to unlock the Assassin rank, which can be achieved after completing the Gilded Butterflies mission. 

Otherwise, players can progress through various missions, including Den of the Beasts and The Great Symposium.

After unlocking the rank, players will need 60 Steel Ingot and 120 Leather to pursue the upgrade.

This will grant players an advantage of 100% noise emission while beating the enemies.

Upgrade the Initiate of Alamut.

The Bottom Line

Initiate of the Alamut is one of the outfits players can find in the early stages whose color can be changed after extracting other dues.

To upgrade those outfits, players need the Schematic, which reduces the noise while entering the locations.

Players can get them by unlocking the Apprentice and Assassin ranks, respectively.

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