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How To Make Inner Fire Charm In Lego Fortnite?

Inner Fire Charm is an exclusive utility that can increase the resistance to colder temperatures in Lego Fortnite.

However, getting the Charm is tricky, considering players must invest various materials for the build.

Players must craft the integrants to make the Inner-Fire Charm in Lego Fortnite: three Wool threads, five Cut Ruby, eight Brightcores, and three Blast Cores.

Continue reading about the Inner Fire Charm and the process of obtaining the Charm in Lego Fortnite.

Inner Fire Charm In Lego Fortnite

Inner Fire Charm is a rare item that resists cold temperatures up to +5 Hearts.

To increase the Survival rate in areas like Frosting Frost Biome, players need to follow the given procedure;

1. Make Lumber Mill

In the first step, players must build a Lumber Mill Station, which is used to make planks and rods for crafting.

To build the Mill, players must have eight woods and 40 granite.

After placing the Lumber Mill, players should insert the remaining wood and convert it to plank.

2. Collect The Shells

Players should head to the Grassland biome to collect the shells and search for the rollers. 

Further, players should use the planks and the rollers to upgrade the Shell.

Upgrading the Craft bench will help players craft the Uncommon Forest Axe, which uses three bones and three wooden rocks.

3. Make Knotroot Rod

Players can use the axe to extract the Knotroot from the Caves to make a Knotroot Rod from the Lumber Mill.

knotroot caves lego fortnite
Collect the Knotrood from the Caves.

Further, players should use the Crafting bench to craft the Uncommon Pickaxe.

The ingredients to use in the Uncommon Pickaxe are three Knotroot rods and three bones.

In addition, the Pickaxe comes in handy to collect the marble in the same Cave as Knotroot.

Further, players should use 22 Knotroots and 35 marbles to make the Stone Breaker for making Marble Slabs.

4. Obtain Sand Shell And Sand Claw

In the next step, players must collect Sand Shell and San Claw from the Sand Roller and Wolf in the desert biome or beaches.

Further, players should upgrade their crafting bench to rare by using Knotroot ods, Marble slabs, Sand shells, and Sand claws.

upgrade crafting bench lego fortnite
Upgrade the crafting bench to rare.

5. Get Cut Amber

After upgrading the bench, players should use the Uncommon Pickaxe to extract the Rough Amber.

The item is helpful to build Gem Cutter alongside Marble Sand, Sand Claw, and Sand Shell.

In addition, the Gem Cutter can generate a fine Cut Amber if players insert the Rough Amber for processing.

Further, Players should use the Cut Amber and Knotroot rods to build a rare Forest Axe via the Crafting Bench.

6. Make Flexwood Rod

Players can make the Flexwood rod by crafting the Flexwood in the Lumber Mill.

Moreover, players can get the Flexwood by destroying the Cactus in the Desert Biome.

Players should use the three Flexwood rods and three Sand Claws to make a tier 3 rarity Pickaxe.

Further, players can use the Pickaxe to destroy the Blaster Mob, typically found in Lava Cave, and obtain the Blast Core.

Moreover, players also need to collect the Brightcores in the Cave in the Desert biome using the Epic Pickaxe.

Similarly, players should use the same weapon to search for the Rough Ruby in the Caves.

rough ruby lego fortnite
Use the Epic Pickaxe to extract the Rough Ruby.

However, before entering the caves, Players need heat resistance items, including Snowberries or Cool-Headed Charm.

7. Craft Inner Fire Charm

Players should initially make a cut Ruby from the Rough Ruby using the Gem Cutter to build the Inner Fire Charm.

Further, players should pet the sheep to collect the Wool and convert them to threads using the Spinning wheel.

Players should gather ingredients: three Wool Threads, five Cut Ruby, eight Brightcore, and three Blast Core.

Inner Fire Charm Lego Fortnite
Make the inner fire charm in the crafting bench

Lastly, players should head to the Crafting bench and craft the ingredients to make the Inner Fire Charm.

The Bottom Line

Crafting the Inner Fire Charm is extremely tricky considering players need four ingredients.

Moreover, the items and weapons are rare which helps to craft the Charm in the Crafting Bench

However, depending on the rarity, getting the Charm will grant players +4 or +5.

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