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How To Find Lava Cave In Lego Fortnite?

Lego Fortnite contains different types of mysterious places, including Lava Cave depending on the biome and the mode.

However, locating the caves is extremely difficult, so players may need a tiny bit of luck.

Players can generally find Lava Cave in the Dry Valley/Desert Biome. The Caves are filled with enemies and numerous loot; hence, players should gather utilities, collect resources, and tackle the enemies.

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Lava Cave In Lego Fortnite

Players can find cave-in areas in Lego Fortnite, including Grasslands and the Dry Valley.

However, players can generally discover the Lava Cave in the Dry Valley.

Moreover, there is no such exact area, and it may differ from player to player, but it is a good source of loot.

Hence, players should search for huge rocks and hidden areas while exploring the Desert Biome.

Lava Cave Lego Fortnite
Players should search for the lava cave in the Desert Biome.

Players will need Snow Berries or Cool-headed Charm to resist the desert’s high temperature and the lava cave.

Moreover, if players mistakenly step into Lava for a few seconds, they can survive as it does not take much damage.

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Exploring Lava Cave In Lego Fortnite

Here is a step-by-step process to explore the Lava Cave, increase survivability, and gather hidden loot.

1. Bring Utilities 

Players will need a few weapons to tackle notorious monsters inside the Lave Cava in Dry Valley.

The weapons, including Grapper, Sword, Axe, and Crossbow, can be great options.

Moreover, players can bring a Torch and a villager with weapons and Food to avoid starvation.

2. Enter The Lava Cave

To enter the Lava Cave, players should head close to the entrance and tap the Interact button.

lava cave lego fortnite
Use the interact button and enter the Cave.

Moreover, the Cave is hard to navigate due to its enormity; hence, players should keep an eye on the route.

After entering the Cave, players should fight the enemies and ensure they have enough HP and Hearts.

Some enemies throw explosives, so players must play passively if they are out of heart.

3. Search Chests And Ores

Mining the rocks can grant players a few minerals from the rock, but it is not worth the effort.

Instead, players should focus on extracting items from Chests and Ordes, which is quite hidden.

Players will find Brightcore, Copper, Cut Ruby, and Obsidian Slab items in the Lave Cave.

Moreover, the materials can come in handy to craft and upgrade items via the Craftbench.

The items will help players explore tough locations and have a significant advantage over the enemies.

The Bottom Line

The caves have no marks or signs in the mao; hence, they are challenging to find.

However, while exploring the map, players can find the Caves, including Lava, Ice, or ordinary ones.

Moreover, players can find exclusive loot or crafting materials to focus on the build.

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