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Starfield Harvested Organs: Smuggling And Selling Procedure

Harvested organs are one of the contraband items that you can find in Starfield.

Usage of the harvested item can get players into huge trouble as they are the removed organs and is illegal to trade.

Harvested Organs in Starfied can be smuggled using the shielded cargo as this item is illegal. Moreover, players can sell this item to a merchant of the trade authority in the Den Station.

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What Are Harvested Organs In Starfield?

Harvested organ falls under the illegal categories in Starfield.

It is one of the Contrabands, including sentiment AI adapters, heretic writings, stolen artworks and mech components.

Unfortunately, the items can not be traded with any of the regular merchants, so selling them might be an issue.

However, smuggling the harvested organs is also the best way to make easy money in the game.

If players are caught with the harvested organs, they will receive a punishment and can be jailed by Law forces.

Players can find the organs in different locations, including dead bodies and abandoned buildings. 

However, the best way to extract is from Space pirate outposts like abandoned mining facilities.

The yellow tag identifies the harvested organ and is usually found inside the briefcases.

starfield harvested organs
Yellow tag in the harvested organ.

Smuggling Harvested Organs In Starfield

The Security ship settlements can scan for suspicious objects on players’ ships.

Carrying the Harvested organ can lead to jail time, so players should know how to smuggle the goods without getting caught. 

The best way to hide the goods from Scanning settlement is by using the shielded cargo.

Shielded cargo
Equip the ship with shielded cargo.

Players can get the shielded capacities by completing multiple quests.

However, playing the Mantis side-quest is the best way to obtain this.

Further, players can also talk to the ship technician at Red Mile, Porima III.

In addition, players can unlock the ship with a cargo shield for enhanced protection when they progress through the mission.

Players can then equip the harvested organs in the Ship inventory and smuggle them through different planets and cities.

However, players should also look after the Shielded capacity number and the lists of Contrabands they are smuggling.

If the contraband is high or the shield protection is low, they might get arrested by the law forces.

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How To Sell Harvested Organs In Starfield?

Trading the contraband, including the harvested organs, in cities or planet systems is illegal in the Starfield game.

Hence, players need a different route to smuggle the item for considerable money. 

1. Open Solar System

Initially, players must open the map and look for the Solar system.

Players will find a star known as Wolf located just on top of Alpha Centauri.

Further, players will find two planets, so click on the small planet “The Den.”

The players must enter the planet by pressing the Travel button. 

Den Planet Starfield
Travel to the Den Planet.

2. Reach The Den Station

After reaching the new planet, players should reach closer to the satellite-like object.

This will lead to the cut-scene and provide players with three options.

Players must select the Board option, leading to the Den Station.

Den station
Players entering the Den Station.

3. Visit The Trade Authority 

Once the player reaches the station, follow the straight path and turn left.

When players visit the trade authority, they will see a merchant named Marcel Ouris.

starfield harvested organs
Trade Authority inside Den station.

With Marcel, players can illegally sell the harvested organs.

4. Sell The Harvested Organ 

Players should interact and search for the items in their inventory to sell them.

The harvested organ can be found under Misc inside the inventory.

Players can see the vendor’s total return amount of the harvested organ.

starfield harvested organs
Harvested organ amount and vendor’s available amount.

Players should ensure the vendor has enough credit to buy the illegal items.

Otherwise, they will provide players with less money for the inventory.

Players must sit in the chair and press the wait button to avoid this. 

Further, players should increase the waiting period to 24 hours and wait for the shop to reset.

Keep the waiting time to 24 hours.

The vendor will probably have enough credits to buy the illegal items or else try to wait for another 24 hours. 

The Bottom Line

The harvested organ in Starfied is an illegal item found in the dead bodies and buildings of various planets and cities.

Selling the items can grant players considerable money to buy other inventories and items for the build.

However, carrying the items is a criminal offense, so players must be careful while smuggling them into the ship.

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