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Besos MK1: What Is The Klue?

If you are a fan of Mortal Kombat, you might have heard of Invasion Season 2, a series of online events that challenge players to complete various tasks and earn rewards.

One of the most intriguing aspects of this season is the Klues, mysterious hints that help to complete the challenge.

In Mk1, Besos is a klue for the fight against Sentinel in the Living Forest for the Invasion Season 2. Furthermore, the klue is to use Sonya’s kiss fatality as the finishing kill to defeat the Sentinel.

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What Is Besos In Mortal Kombat 1?

Besos is a word in the Spanish language that translates to “kisses”.

It is also the name of a klue for the fight against Sentinel in the Living Forest for the Invasion Season 2.

In addition, Sentinel is a warrior who can use a double clone attack.

Similarly, he is a tall bald fighter wearing a gold shield on the left shoulder and blue trousers tied with a red cloth.

Who Is Sonya Blade In Mortal Kombat 1?

Sonya Blade is one of the original characters of Mortal Kombat and the first female fighter in the series.

She is a special forces agent who joined the Mortal Kombat tournament to stop the evil sorcerer Shang Tsung and his minions.

Furthermore, she is also known for her agility, martial arts skills, and finishing moves.

Moreover, she is also the love interest of Johnny Cage, a Hollywood actor and martial artist who participated in the tournament.

One of Soniya’s most iconic moves is her Kiss, a fatality that she performed in the first Mortal Kombat game.

In this move, Soniya blows a kiss to her opponent, which turns into a pink energy ball that flies towards them and explodes, leaving nothing but bones and blood.

Likewise, the move was considered one of the game’s most gruesome and shocking fatalities.

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What Is The Klue For Besos In Mortal Kombat 1?

The Klue for Besos in Mortal Kombat 1 is a reference to Soniya’s Kiss fatality.

It implies that Soniya needs to do the finishing blow to the Sentinel to complete the challenge.

Additionally, you must go to the Living Forest and enter the challenge to fight against Sentinel.

Enter Klue Besos challenge
You must enter Klue Besos challenge.

You can choose any character for this fight, but fighting with Omni-Man is best.

Omni-Man is a guest character in Mortal Kombat 1 whose real name is Nolan Grayson.

Furthermore, he also has his signature moves, which are Giblet Maker, Viltrumite Stance, Invincible Rush and Fly Toward/Away.

Similarly, he also has a fatal blow, which is The Thinker, where he charges into the opponent and brutally crushes their head.

However, to complete the challenge, you need to select Sonya as a Kameo.

Omni-Man and Sonya as a Kameo
Omni-Man and Sonya as a Kameo.

Finally, taking most of the health of Sentinel, you need to use Sonya’s Kiss fatality to finish the battle and complete the challenge.

Use Sonya's Kiss fatality for finishing blow
Use Sonya’s Kiss fatality for the finishing blow.

After completing the challenge, you will also get rewards such as Geraas skin, Talisman and 500 seasonal kredits.

Get rewards after completing the challenge
You will get rewards after completing the challenge.

The Bottom Line

Besos Mk1 is one of the most intriguing Klues in MK1 of Invasion Season 2, as you need to use a fatal blow to complete.

Furthermore, it is a challenge to defeat the Sentinel in a match with Sonya’s Kiss fatality in the final blow.

Moreover, you will also get some rewards after completing the challenge, such as Geraas skin, Talisman and 500 seasonal kredits.

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