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Let The Cycle Be Discontinued Quest In Rogue Trader

Rogue Trader features “Let the Cycle Be Discontinued” as an active Companion Quest.

This quest can be acquired in Act 4 which will be triggered while traveling throughout the Koronus Expanse.

You can complete the “Let The Cycle Be Discontinue” quest by first acquiring it shortly after completing The Siege, traveling to Furibundus, understanding the objective, and completing the assigned task.

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What Is “Let The Cycle Be Discontinued” In Rogue Trader?

This one is from a companion quest, which means you can claim this quest from a certain companion.

While traveling, Vox Master Vigdis will prompt you with the quest.

The quest involves investigating a mysterious signal coming from an uncharted planet in the Koronus Expanse.

speculo system rogue trader
This is the Speculo System in Rogue Trader.
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Objectives Of “Let The Cycle Be Discontinued” In Rogue Trader

To complete the quest you need to follow certain path patterns as these patterns require certain navigation tools for a Rogue trader not to get diverted.

Some of the objectives of the quest are as follows:

  • The Ark Mechanicus Hermetico has reappeared in the known systems of the Koronus Expanse.
  • The first step is to reach its location in System Speculo and send a boarding shuttle to the Hermetico.
  • A blockage is impeding the lift at the observatory.
  • To reach the ship’s bridge, the visitors will have to find a way to remove the lockdown and make the system obey Pasqal’s orders.
  • Meet the Pref Spirit and Destroy Nihel the boss.

THow To Pursue The Quest “Let The Cycle Be Discontinued”?

You don’t know what’s gonna pass your path, so stay conscious on your way to the quest.

Some points to remember before pursuing the quest are as follows.

1. Starting The Quest

To initiate the quest, visit a designated quest-giver.

The quest might be part of the main storyline, so be sure to explore the game world and interact with NPCs.

2. Understanding The Objective

Once you’ve accepted the quest, take a moment to read through the objectives outlined in your quest log.

Hence, reading through the quest objectives will provide you with a clear understanding of what you need to accomplish.

3. Gathering Information

Many quests in Rogue Trader involve gathering information from NPCs or uncovering clues.

Therefore, speak with characters in the game world, check for relevant items, and pay attention to any dialogue or hints.

4. Completing Tasks

These could include defeating enemies, finding specific items, or interacting with certain elements in the game world.

Moreover, you must follow the prompts on your screen to fulfill each task.

5. Being Ready for Combat

In Rogue Trader, you might encounter enemies during your quests.

Likewise, check your character’s equipment and utilize appropriate weapons to ensure preparedness for combat.

The Bottom Line

The journey to find the “Let The Cycle Be Discontinued” quest in Rogue Trader can be a thrilling and rewarding experience.

Finding the quest in Rogue Trader may take a bit of effort, but with a systematic approach, you’ll likely uncover it.

Gear up and go out there to find Vox Master Vigdis and get your quest in Rogue Trader.

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