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Is Bloxmoon Safe Website Or A Scam?

Bloxmoon is a Roblox gambling website popular among the large pool of Roblox players.

However, there are concerns about the Bloxmoon website being safe or a potential scam.

Bloxmoon has various game modes where players can earn money and Robux by gambling. However, Bloxmoon asks you to deposit a certain amount first to play, and withdrawing the earned Robux is not possible as claimed making this site a scam and not safe for players.

Continue reading to learn more if Bloxmoon is safe or not.

What Is Bloxmoon?

Bloxmoon is a gambling website that allows users to gamble with a virtual currency called Robux.

The website currently has 11 game modes each with a distinct gameplay.

Some popular game modes include Dice, Roulette, Blackjack, Crash, Mines, Slots, and more.

However, to begin playing on the game modes, you need to make a deposit using various methods such as VisaCard.

deposit options Blox moon
Various deposit options to deposit money in Bloxmoon.

After making the deposit, you can begin playing any of the game modes to earn Robux.

Further, players can also earn the Robux coins after completing various offers in the game.

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Are Bloxmoon Games Safe To Play?

Bloxmoon has various games that attract large audiences claiming they can earn huge money on the site.

Further, the win big thing in the gambling website is only to attract players and invest their money.

However, at the end of the day, players are gonna lose everything from such websites.

roblox gambling sites bloxmoon
Youtubers discussing the Roblox gaming sites to be rigged.

Bloxmoon tends to rig the game for famous YouTubers while they make the video for their channel.

Additionally, these videos promote the game and influence players to invest their money too.

Further, it leads many young players to feel if the YouTubers are winning money in the video they also have the chance.

So, Bloxmoon is targetting mostly children because it is easier for a child to develop a gambling addiction.

However, players can enjoy the Bloxmoon games for a fun experience rather than investing more money just for greed.

Why Bloxmoon Is A Scam?

Bloxmoon has negative reviews from most of its players claiming that it is a scam.

Here are all the reasons that tell that Bloxmoon is a potential scam:

1. Withdrawing Issues

According to Trustpilot, many users have reported poor customer service and issues with withdrawing their Robux.

Players reported that they’ve earned a lot of Robux playing the game but are unable to withdraw them.

Further, the admin whom players contact for support never responds to them.

2. Steals Roblox Accounts

Some users claim that when they log in to Bloxmoon using the Roblox credentials, they steal it.

So, players must be aware and reset their password as soon as possible.

roblox trading news on bloxmoon
The Roblox Trading News says how the gambling sites are scamming childrens.

Many YouTubers are promoting this website just for the sake of money.

Further, players shouldn’t fall for the scam and only believe in authentic websites for playing.

Moreover, a class action lawsuit has also been filed against Bloxmoon and other websites for illegal gambling using Robux.

The Bottom Line

Bloxmoon is a website that lures players to invest their money to earn more but scams them.

Further, gambling websites like Bloxmoon pay a large amount of money to promote the website in their channels.

However, players should be aware of such scams and be safe from losing their money in Bloxmoon.

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