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Is The Look Like A Viking Facebook Ad A Scam?

A new Viking filter has appeared in the Facebook world and people are thinking that it might be a scam.

The Viking filter appears as a link in Facebook ads that players must click to visit their main website.

The “What do you look like a Viking” advertisement link is not a scam as it has a very high trust score in scam-checking websites. Additionally, the website also asks their visitors permission before using their cookies.

What Is Look Like A Viking Facebook Ad?

Facebook is not only a huge marketplace on the internet but also a lobby for business ads.

Hence, people can circulate any type of ad on this platform whether it is legit or not.

What would you look like a viking facebook
The main website of the “look like a Viking” Facebook ad.

Similarly, one specific ad is being highlighted on Facebook where it claims to make users look like a Viking.

This ad appears as a popup and directs people to their main website when they click the link.

Upon visiting the website, people must upload their photos to turn them into Vikings.

However, people are skeptical about this ad as lots of similar websites are scams.

Is What Would You Look Like A Viking Scam Or Legit?

No! The Viking Facebook popup with the domain name gagdonkey is not a scam at all.

In fact, the gagdonkey website only does trivia content where they turn images into different genres.

Additionally, the website operates on ads which means that it is approved by Google.

Trust rating of Viking facebook ad
The trust rating of Viking’s Facebook ad on Trust Adviser is 91/100.

Furthermore, the website has a Trust score of 91/100 onScamadvise Site which is on the higher end.

Users are only speculating this website is a scam because it asks user permission for their cookies.

However, users can directly visit their privacy page to learn about the exact information that the website uses.

Because of these reasons, users can assume that this website is legitimate and was created for entertainment purposes.

Whether a user uses this link or not depends completely on their preference.

However, it seems very safe to use as many people have given their reviews on a dedicated Forum.

users discussing whether it is scam or legit
Users reviewing the Viking Facebook ad on a discussion Forum.

The website can only access user’s cookies when they have permitted them to do so.

Also, users have the option to choose whether to share it or not on social media platforms.

These points prove that users have the upper hand while sharing their information on this website.

In short, users can use this link by rejecting the cookies option on the website for extra protection.

The Bottom Line

Facebook users will always be concerned when Facebook ads are circulated through a link.

Therefore, they must use a scam-checking website to check their legitimacy before using them.

The Viking filter ad, however, looks okay to use as it is certified by many users on the internet.

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