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Is Freedom GPT Safe? Scam Or Real

Recently, AI Chatbots have gained popularity, with FreedomGPT emerging as a notable player in the field.

However, people have raised concerns about whether Freedom GPT is safe and has ethical implications.

Developed in the Age of AI, FreedomGPT is a censorship-free alternative to OpenAI’s ChatGPT.

Due to the lack of content moderation, Freedom GPT can generate harmful or misleading content. Therefore, it is not considered safe to use. In addition, users need to exercise caution and safety when engaging with Freedom GPT.

Continue reading this article to find out what Freedom GPT is, its characteristics, safety concerns, and how they are being addressed.

What Is Freedom GPT?

Freedom GPT is an open-source AI Chatbot that offers added unique features and characteristics to ChatGPT.

Some key characteristics of Freedom GPT include:

  1. Censorship-Free: Unlike ChatGPT, Freedom GPT provides a completely censorship-free conversation, allowing unrestricted conversations and information sharing.
  2. Local Execution: User devices can run without the need for a network connection, ensuring privacy and accessibility.
  3. Open-Source: Freedom GPT is an open-source AI platform that encourages collaboration and community involvement, aiming to create a free and open large language model (LLM) and accompanying applications.
  4. Individual Freedom: The age of AI, emphasizes individual freedom as a core value, believing that responsible deployment of AI can significantly improve people’s lives.

Is Freedom GPT Safe?

FreedomGPT is an AI language model designed to swiftly and precisely copy human language sequences and change them into natural language.

It claims to ensure confidentiality and equity without causing hassle.

However, when we used AI, it didn’t generate an answer to any of your questions, making it a practically useless application.

Additionally, there is a risk of unfiltered, biased, and misinformation when users use Freedom GPT. Therefore, users cannot precisely consider Freedom GPT safe for use.

However, with awareness of the nature of the platform and critical thinking when engaging with its content, users can mitigate many potential risks.

Along with the exciting features provided by AI, people have raised questions and concerns about its safety.

Some of the significant safety concerns are listed below:

1. Offensive And Biased Responses

The AI has been reported to generate responses that can offend users with a spectrum of beliefs.

The lack of censorship may result in biased or offensive content being generated.

2. Potential Misinformation

Due to the absence of censorship and the inherent biases present in the training data, there is a risk of Freedom GPT generating content that spreads misinformation.

This can be a significant concern regarding important topics like health, politics, or current events.

3. Unverified Data Downloads

Some users have expressed concerns about its behavior, reporting instances where the application downloaded internal data without consent and caused system issues.

It is important to exercise caution when downloading and installing the application from unofficial sources.

Freedom GPT
Freedom GPT user makes fun of Freedom GPT’s lack of transparency on a Reddit thread

4. Lack Of Content Moderation

With a focus on freedom of expression, Freedom GPT may lack robust content moderation mechanisms.

Consequently, this can generate harmful or inappropriate content, raising potential ethical and legal concerns.

5. Sudden Lack Of Response

Users have frequently criticized Freedom GPT  for its lack of response or malfunctioning during a conversation.

Freedom GPT with no response
Freedom GPT not responding to the user

Addressing The Freedom GPT’s Safety Concerns

As AI evolves, it aims to address concerns and enhance its ability to detect and mitigate potential risks associated with uncensored content generation.

While its creators emphasize the importance of AI safety without censorship, the AI’s effectiveness and reliability of the safety measures in place are yet to be fully established by Company. 

The Chatbot needs to conduct more rigorous testing and evaluation are necessary to assess the model’s safety and mitigate potential risks.

One notable safety feature unique to Freedom GPT is its focus on user privacy.

It provides unparalleled privacy and control over personal data by enabling users to run their Chatbot locally on their computers.

This approach ensures that user interactions remain confidential and reduces the risk of data breaches.

Continue reading to learn about what Freedom GPT is and how it works.

The Bottom Line

FreedomGPT, an open-source AI chatbot by the age of AI, offers unrestricted conversations.

However, the lack of content moderation raises safety and ethical concerns.

Therefore, users should exercise caution and critical thinking when engaging with it.

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