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Insights On iTunes Wrapped Feature

Many users around the Globe are curious if iTunes supports the Wrapped feature.

As the new year approaches, users are willing to get insights into their iTunes in 2023.

The Wrapped feature in music platforms offer the insights of their watch history, top artists, top songs, playlists and posts at the end of every year.

Continue reading to explore iTunes wrapped and the process of using the function.

What Is iTunes Wrapped?

iTunes is a famous media player from Apple which users can use as a media platform.

Users can use iTunes free of cost; however, they must purchase some exclusive content.

Moreover, iTunes offers more than just music, which includes TV shows, music, and even podcasts.

Open the library in iTunes and play the song.

Users can even sync this service to other Apple devices like iPod, iPhone, iPad, and Windows PC.

But does iTunes offer the Wrapped services along with its exclusive features to get insights?

Wrapped features in music platforms, including Spotify, provide Personal data on listening habits.

Users can get their top songs, top artists, favorite genres, and peak listening months.

Some music platforms, including Apple Music, provide a year’s recap in a single audio.

Even though the platform is associated with Apple, unlike Apple Music, it doesn’t support the iTunes recap.

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How To View iTunes Wrapped?

iTunes does not have the wrapped feature, but users can get the wrapped music from other platforms.

Users can track music from streaming sites, including Apple Music, Spotify, YouTube Music, and Last. fm.

To do so, users head to Tune My Music site and select any platform they are taking the playlists from.

tune my music
Select the source of the playlists.

Further, users just need to copy the URL of the playlist and select iTunes as a destination.

Moreover, If users are using Apple Music to stream songs, they can easily watch the recap.

Users will find the top 5 playlists at the bottom of their screen and 100 top songs of 2023.

When Will iTunes Wrapped Launch?

The Wrapped features in platforms including Spotify and YouTube appear mainly at the end of November or early December.

Hence, players will learn their most listened-to artists, songs, or playlists.

However, for the iTunes users, there is still no sign of the Wrapped feature.

With the growing completion of music platforms, Apple should focus on popular features like wrapped.

Hopefully, the  Wrapped features will appear this time in the upcoming year.

With the iTunes recap, users can track more than just their music history.

Users can view their most-watched movie genre, podcasts, and most-watched TV shows.

The Bottom Line

iTunes Wrapped will boast the competition compared to its rivals: MusicBee Media Monkey and Tunes Go.

However, players should wait at least a year or two to verify the Wrapped usage.

Hopefully, Apple will come up with updates any time soon; hence, players should keep an eye on their handles

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