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JAK Beholder Rifle Kit Not Working In MW3: Possible Fixes

The recently added JAK Beholder Rifle Kit in Call of Duty, MW3 is a conversion kit.

It is an aftermarket part for the TYR revolver which converts it into a single-shot sniper rifle.

In Call of Duty, the JAK Beholder Rifle Kit is a conversion kit that converts a revolver into a snipper riffle. However, there is an issue with this kit as players are unable to unlock it.

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JAK Beholder Rifle Kit In MW3: How To Unlock It?

The JAK Beholder Rifle Kit is a conversion kit that turns your revolver into another sniper rifle.

Moreover, it is perfect for getting long-range kills and improves recoil control and damage range.

The JAK Beholder Rifle Kit
The JAK Beholder Rifle Kit is an aftermarket part for the Tyr handgun.

However, The JAK Beholder Rifle Kit can be unlocked for the Tyr revolver by completing some challenges.

To get this Rifle Kit in Modern Warfare 3, players must complete five challenges featured in Week 3 of Season 1 in Multiplayer, Zombies, or Warzone.

Moreover, among the 20 weekly challenges for week 3, players need to complete five challenges to get this conversion kit.

Making strategies and proceeding further will make these challenges easily achievable for you.

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Why Is The JAK Beholder Rifle Kit Bugged In MW3?

In many online forums and social media, players have reported the Jak Beholder Rifle kit is not working in Modern Warfare 3.

Hence, the Jak Beholder Rifle conversion kit in MW3 is bugged for many reasons.

Even after completing the 5 challenges that are necessary to unlock this conversion kit, players are unable to access the reward.

Subsequently, it is frustrating for a lot of players who put their effort and time into unlocking it.

Players are unable to equip it as there is no option to choose the JAK Beholder Rifle Kit in the Conversion Kit section.

Moreover, the conversion kit slot shows the No Modifications message.

Solution To This Unlocking Bug

Many players tried some possible solutions to fix the Jak Beholder Rifle kit not working issue in MW3.

However, solving the JAK Beholder Rifle Kit by players is not possible at the moment.

Some players have said that they tried to fix this issue by restarting the game or the console but they failed.

Despite this, you can try turning off the attachment filters or waiting for a hotfix from the developers to fix this issue.

Updates On Bug
Official statement about the updates on the bug.

Players are reporting constantly and with the increasing reports the developers set foot into this issue.

Moreover, the developers have shared an official statement on this issue.

In the official statement, they mentioned that they are aware of the issue and are working on it.

The Bottom Line

The JAK Beholder Rifle Kit is an Aftermarket Parts Conversion Kit for the TYR in Call of Duty: MW3.

However, players will be able to equip this kit soon as developers are looking into this issue.

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