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How To Jam The Skull Ship In Suicide Squad?

Jam the Skull Ship is a mission that is invaded by Brainiac, a super-intelligent villain, which the Suicide Squad needs to stop.

The Skull Ship is a massive alien vessel that serves as the main antagonist of the Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League.

The Suicide Squad is tasked with stopping the Skull Ship and its army of drones by using the jammer.

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What Is Jam The Skull Ship In Suicide Squad?

Jam the Skull Ship is a mission that involves using a device called the Jammer to disrupt the Skull Ship’s energy and shield.

The Jammer is a terminal that can absorb the energy released by killing enemies and project a protective barrier.

The Suicide Squad needs to keep the Jammer operational by eliminating enemies and maintaining its energy levels.

The Jammer also plays a crucial role in keeping the team alive during confrontations with the Skull Ship.

Jam The Skull Ship
Jam The Skull Ship in Suicide Squad.
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Steps To Jam The Skull Ship In Suicide Squad

To jam the skull ship in the suicide squad, the team needs to follow these steps:

1. Locate And Activate The Jammer

The Jammer is located in a strategic position that allows it to interfere with the Skull Ship’s systems.

The team needs to find and activate the Jammer before proceeding with the mission.

Locate and activate the Jammer.

2. Protect The Jammer From Enemy Attacks

The Skull Ship will send waves of drones and heavy weapon troopers to destroy the Jammer and the team.

The team needs to defend the Jammer from enemy fire and prevent them from getting close to it.

The team also needs to avoid getting hit by the Skull Ship’s blasts, which can vaporize them instantly.

Protect the Jammer
Protect the Jammer from enemy attacks.

3. Charge The Jammer By Killing Enemies

The Jammer needs a constant supply of energy to function and project a shield.

The team can charge the Jammer by killing enemies, which releases energy that the Jammer can absorb.

The team needs to kill enough enemies to keep the Jammer’s energy level high and stable.

4. Use Jammer’s Shield To Survive The Skull Ship’s Attacks

The Jammer can project a shield that can protect the team from the Skull Ship’s attacks.

The team needs to get behind the shield when the Skull Ship tries to fry them.

The shield can also be used to block enemy fire and create cover.

Jammer’s shield
Use the Jammer’s shield to survive the Skull Ship’s attacks.

5. Investigate And Sterilize The Area

You need to investigate and sterilize the area for any clues or threats related to the Skull Ship and Brainiac.

The team may encounter unexpected developments, such as an unauthorized transmission from a mysterious Radio Star.

The team needs to adapt their strategies and follow the Radio Star’s instructions to complete the mission.

Rewards For Completing Jam The Skull Ship

Completing jam the skull ship mission in the suicide squad may reward the team with various benefits, such as:

  1. Characters level up with additional rewards such as Talent points, XP, and a 5% lives boost.
  2. You will get a Shield Mod that gives 2% critical hit damage.
  3. Similarly, you will be also rewarded with a Pistol which gives 5% more XP by killing the enemies.
Completing Jam the Skull Ship mission will give you a Pistol as a reward.
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