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How To Fix Janitor AI Code 400 Error?

Are you encountering a code 400 error in Janitor AI like many users?

If so, you are not alone; many users have reported this issue which prevents them from accessing Janitor AI.

The code 400 error can trigger in Janitor AI due to an invalid URL, network issues, cached cookies, outdated browser and if the server is under maintenance.

But what does this code 400 error mean, and how can you fix it?

This article will explain the causes and solutions for the Janitor AI code 400 error.

Why Is Janitor AI Showing Error Code 400?

The error code 400 is HTTP (Hyper-Text Transfer Protocol) status code, which indicates an invalid request.

janitor ai code 400
Janitor AI can show 400 error code.

In Janitor AI, you can sometimes encounter this error due to an incorrect or corrupt request sent to the server.

Furthermore, this error code can occur due to several reasons, such as;

  • Invalid URL
  • Cached or Expired Cookie
  • Server Under Maintenance
  • Outdated Browser
  • Slow Internet

Some users reported getting this error when creating new characters in Janitor AI.

Hence, it might be a bug inside the website that the developers are working to fix.

Moreover, one of the potential reasons for this error code is trying to use the Janitor AI API without the correct JSON file.

How To Fix the Janitor AI Code 400 Error?

The error code 400 is a common HTTP status code in Janitor AI. It can occur due to network errors, internet and server issues.

However, you can avoid or fix this error using some troubleshooting methods mentioned below.

1. Take A Short Break

You should try to take a break from Janitor AI and access again before going into any fixes.

And if you are using Janitor AI for a prolonged period, taking a short break can significantly fix these issues.

2. Check The URL

One of the common reasons for error code 400 in Janitor AI is entering an invalid URL (Uniform Resource Locator).

The URL can sometimes be mistakenly spelled wrong, which can cause 400 errors after entering that URL.

Therefore, check the URL of the Janitor AI website properly to avoid errors.

3. Clear Cached And Expired Cookies

Janitor AI is constantly updating its features in real-time, and if you have been using Janitor AI since the beginning, your system might have expired cookies.

Those cached and expired cookies in your browser can interfere with the request protocol.

You must clear those cookies to avoid these errors in the future.

janitor ai code 400
You can clear cached cookies from the site settings of your browser.

Furthermore, you can clear those cookies from the “Site Settings” in your browser.

4. Update Or Try A Different Browser

You can try experimenting with a different browser to rule out the possibility of a specific browser causing the error.

In addition, you can also try to update the current browser and see if the error is resolved.

5. Monitor Server Status

Sometimes, the server may be under maintenance, which can cause error code 400 in Janitor AI.

janitor ai code 400

You should check the server status of Janitor AI and monitor if the server is down or under maintenance.

The official Reddit page of Janitor AI can provide you with the server status. 

The Bottom Line

You should now be aware that the error in Janitor AI is a common issue and the trigger points of the error.

Along with the reasons, there are also some practical solutions and tips for fixing this error in Janitor.

Furthermore, we hope the developers will work on these bugs in Janitor AI and help us use it more smoothly.

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