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Janitor AI Login Not Working – 7 Easy Fixes

AI chatbot Janitor AI provides a variety of fictional characters, including those that are NSFW, SFW, and more.

Registering on the official website of Janitor AI is necessary to use it online or as an API for their projects.

In certain instances, you may be unable to log in to Janitor AI due to technical issues like network issues or server maintenance. However, resolving these problems and enjoying chatting with the characters is possible.

Continue reading to discover what’s restricting users from logging into the Janitor AI site and ways to resolve the issue.

Why Is Janitor AI Login Not Working?

Users of Janitor AI are frustrated as they cannot log into the site.

When users attempt to log in to the site, they receive an error message “Something Wrong” and are suddenly logged out.

The reasons why people are facing an interruption while logging into the Janitor AI are listed below;

  • Expired Subscription
  • Network Issues
  • Server Down
  • Maintenance And Update
  • Outdated Version
  • Installation Of VPN

7 Ways To Fix Janitor AI Login Not Working Issue

Determining issues in a Janitor AI is a systematic procedure that needs proper guidance to fix.

Here are some easy ways to fix the Janitor AI login not working issue;

1. Check The Subscription 

Janitor AI runs on a paid subscription using the OpenAI API key. The model and the number of characters you use verify the cost.

Therefore, you should pay $0.03 per 1000 characters for GPT-4 or $0.002 for GPT-3.5 Turbo

Moreover, if the subscription has finished, it interrupts you while logging into the site.

Hence, check if your subscription has finished, and pay as required. This helps you fix the logging issue into the Janitor AI.

Janitor AI Pricing option
Click on the Pricing option to learn about the price.

2. Setup API keys

Janitor AI requires API keys to operate. Additionally, API keys enable you to customize the Chatbot’s behavior and reactions according to the user’s needs.

Hence, you must set up an API key to enjoy Janitor AI’s features and services.

Janitor AI crashing
You should provide an API key to Janitor AI to access it.
Continue reading to learn how the Janitor AI works and how to download it.

3. Check The Network 

Generally, logging into the Janitor AI site also relies on the network quality you’re using. 

Therefore, check if your network has any issues, such as wrong configurations, heavy bandwidth and packet loss.

Importantly, try rebooting your modem or router. Similarly, you can try connecting to another’s network with permission to check if the issue is in your network. 

However, you can try contacting the ISP to check your internet quality and suggest they maintain it as per requirement.

Moreover, you can use online tools to check your internet speed, such as Ping Web and Tool.

Ping web tool checking internet stability
Ping Web tool checking the stability of the internet connection.
Learn why Janitor AI is not showing characters and how to fix network errors.

4. Check The Server Status

Sometimes the Janitor AI’s site may be down, so you won’t be able to log into the Janitor AI. 

Moreover, it is also possible that it is going through specific maintenance and update to enhance the site’s features.

Factors such as high traffic issues or peak periods on the website lead to slow loading times or fails to load.

Therefore, check the server status of the site with the online tool Donwdetector. Alternatively, you can simply imply the prompt Is Janitor AI down.

Downdetector helps you check the server status of the Janitor AI.

However, if the site is down, you simply need to wait a few moments and try logging into the site once.

5. Update Browser

Besides these issues, you cannot log in to the Janitor AI due to a browser issue.

You may be using an outdated version that restricts you from logging in to the site. 

Therefore, it is necessary to check if your browser is up to date.

To update the browser, click the ellipsis button > Settings > About Chrome; after these steps, try refreshing and relaunching the site.

Check for updates chrome
Updating the browser lets you relish the advanced features.

Moreover, it is also necessary to check the cache on the browser. 

Navigate to the ellipsis button > More ToolsClear Browing Data to clear the cache.

Clear browsing data
Clearing the browsing data aids in loading characters in Janitor AI.

6. Uninstallation Of VPN 

The installation of a VPN on your device has a significant role.

Though it provides secure browsing, it also restricts you from browsing some sites. 

Therefore, examine the VPN settings to see if it has blocked Janitor AI.

You can add exceptions or allowlist Janitor AI to allow access.

7. Janitor AI Group

It will be helpful if you join the group Janitor AI on Discord. You can see various discussions that help you fix the relevant issues. 

Moreover, you can describe the issue you are facing while logging into the site and solve your issue. 

Continue reading to discover Janitor AI’s token limits and if you can fix Janitor AI crashing issues.

The Bottom Line

In general, to solve the issue with Janitor AI, it is necessary first to identify the problem.

The Janitor AI team emphasizes improving its service and resolving bugs immediately.

Therefore, it is relevant if you try contacting the Janitor AI support team without violating its terms and conditions.

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