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How To Beat The Judgement Trial In Risk Of Rain Returns?

Judgement is the final Providence trial in Risk of Rain Returns.

Like other trials, players can get bonus skills, skins and items as a reward for completing the final trial.

Being the final trial, the Judgement trial is more difficult to complete. However, it is easy to defeat enemies and complete the challenge with the right character, their moveset, items and the right strategy.

Continue to learn more about the Judgment trial and how to beat Judgment as a Mercenary in Risk of Rain Returns.

What Is Judgement In Risk Of Rain Returns?

The Judgment is the final Providence trial that rewards players with a secret skin for the survivor they use to beat the trial.

Players must complete every Providence trail in the game to unlock the Judgment trail.

Further, the providence trails are the mini-challenges that players can complete to unlock alternate skills for characters.

Completing the Judgement trial can be challenging, but you can complete it by choosing a good character, items and survival ability.

You can also pick up health stats between the stages. However, they are limited as you only get five of them, so you must utilize them accordingly.

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Steps To Beat The Judgement In Risk Of Rain Returns

Completing the Judgement trial involves nine different waves that include different enemies you should defeat.

Each wave is explained below in detail:

1. Wave 1

Players can use Guardian Heart as their survival item during Stage 1 in the Judgement trial.

The guardian’s heart is the best healing item that saves your health from getting damaged until your shield is broken.

Guardians heart to beat The Judgement in Risk of Rain Returns
Guardian heart shield gives you one-shot protection.

So, this item is very important because health regeneration is disabled during this trial.

2. Wave 2

Stage 2 is comparatively easier than Stage 1 because more items are available for you to pick.

The Hopoo Feather is a returning uncommon item that gives you an additional jump.

You can get this item during stage 2 from the bottom row.

The Hopoo feather item in stage 2
Hopoo Feather gives you an extra jump ability.

Additionally, you can also take Hardlight Afterburner and Gasoline at this stage.

3. Wave 3

The important item in Stage 3 is the Unstable watch for this build, which pauses the time for 7 seconds.

Further, take the Backup Magazine, Len’s Makers Glasses or Rusty Knife.

Then, the Beating Embryo is for doubling the effect of the equipment.

You can kill as many enemies as you can while the time is frozen, as they cannot attack you at this time.

4. Wave 4

You can pick up the Scorching Shell Piece, Rusty Knife and Ukulele as items for this stage.

These items can help damage the enemies a lot, as the red Elites they shoot in this wave are dangerous.

Also, you can prioritize which enemies are most dangerous to take them down as quickly as possible.

The two Wisps shoot massive projectiles, so you shouldn’t stay at the bottom of the arena after they spawn.

5. Wave 5

The items you can take at this stage include a Ukulele that creates arching chain lightning damage.

Further, you can choose the Lens Maker’s Glasses and Predatory Instincts, which give you an attack speed bonus while critting.

Ukulele item to pick in Wave 4
The ukulele is an uncommon returning item that deals huge damage to enemies.

Wave 5 is somewhat easy, where you can use your dashes and keep your iframes up.

However, there are no platforms or ropes to jump off of. So there is no verticality to this level to use to your advantage.

6. Wave 6

The items you can take in Wave 6 are the Repulsion Armor and Toxic Centipede.

The Toxic Centipede can poison enemies that come in contact with you. 

Further, you can stack up Rusty Knife and Panic mines in this stage.

Wave 6 is one of the hardest runs, so if you clear this wave, you can easily complete the challenge.

You should stay above the water as much as possible, avoid getting hit by projectiles and continuously apply a stream of damage to kill the enemies.

7. Wave 7

You can use the health pickups at the beginning of the stage if your health is low.

Further, The Toxin is a good pick in this stage to debuff the enemies when you touch them.

The Cremator is a threatening enemy that you encounter in this stage. However, you can use the time-stop item to kill the enemy instantly.

8. Wave 8

In stage 8, you can pick up Tough Times, which reduces incoming damage by 14%.

Similarly, the Tesla Coil is very good for Melee survivors and helps to shock nearby enemies.

The enemy you encounter is Frenzied Toxic Beast which has a high HP.

You should only kill him using the Unstable watch so he cannot attack you back.

9. Wave 9

Like other waves, stack up necessary items such as Rusty Knife, Mortar Tube and Hopoo Feather.

The terrifying boss in this stage is the Imp Overload, whom you can attack after attacking everything else.

After defeating the boss, you’ll move on to the final boss in the Providence fight.

Success message after Judgement trial in Risk of Rain Returns
Success message after completing the Judgement trial in Risk of Rain Returns.

The Bottom Line

The Judgement trial involves completing nine waves to earn the final rewards in Risk of Rain Returns.

You can complete the challenge by applying some simple strategies for different survivors.

Further, the items you can pick during the challenge make it much easier to beat the Judgement.

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