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Explore The Strange Battery In Risk Of Rain Returns

Risk of Rain returns patch 7.5 is out now and is available to play on PC or Nintendo Switch.

It is a remake of the classic Risk of Rain with better graphics, soundtrack and much more.

The mysterious battery in Risk of Rain Returns has unknown uses, leading players to speculate about unlocking hidden elements such as secret areas and valuable rewards.

This article discusses about the strange battery in Risk Of Rain Returns 2.

Introduction To Risk Of Rain Returns

Risk of Rain 2 is an action game with a third-person shooter and multiplayer features.

In this game, players must survive on the alien planets by fighting the enemies and upgrading the loot.

risk of rain returns
Risk of Rain returns is out to play on PC and Nintendo Switch.

Risk of Rain Returns continues to provide thrilling roguelike action game with exciting environments and builds.

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What Is The Strange Battery In Risk Of Rain Returns?

In Risk of Rain 2 Returns, you might come across a special item, which is a strange battery in Chapter 5 of the game.

Once you grab it, it starts charging up, and it takes some time to reach its maximum of 4 charges.

When it’s fully charged, you can use the strange battery on special shrines you find in different stages.

Moreover, each time you use it, one charge gets used up.

The Strange Battery is a puzzling piece of equipment that performs a single Tesla shock, emitting a distinctive Bzzt sound.

How To Use The Strange Battery In Risk Of Rain Returns?

Players are left wondering about its true purpose and speculate that it might unlock hidden elements within the game.

Some players suggest a potential connection to a special supply chest in the secret area beneath the spaceship on the final level.

strange battery
The storage battery is a mysterious item, and people are still exploring its actual use.

Moreover, placing the Strange Battery on this chest could open up another secret area, leading to valuable rewards such as character skins.

However, many players also express skepticism about this method.

They noticed that despite following the correct steps, they didn’t receive any rewards, especially since they already had all default skins unlocked.

Moreover, some players also believe that the strange battery could be essential for unlocking one of the survivors.

They encountered a robot-like entity that required a battery for activation.

This leads to speculation that the intention of the battery might be specifically for the robot survivor.

Another player also tried placing the battery in the Equipment Chest below Risk of Rain.

This led to the discovery of an Atlas Cannon in subsequent stages, dealing significant damage to bosses.

Developer Hopoo Games responded to a question about the strange battery by a player using an eye emoji.

However, the actual purpose of the strange battery is unclear till now.

The Bottom Line

The Strange Battery in the game is a mysterious item with unknown uses.

Players speculate it might unlock hidden elements, possibly connected to secret areas and valuable rewards.

Hopefully, with the help of this article, you will be able to know what the strange battery is at Risk of Rain Returns.

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