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POE New Update: Sent To The Void

Recently, POE released the latest Valdos Puzzle Boxes with unique rewards like foil maps along with various mods for its players.

These maps also contain fascinating as well as frustrating mods like the Sent To The Void.

Sent To The Void, a new POE mod, helps players void their character, which means they lose it completely. Players can find this mod on different maps of POE.

Continue reading this article to learn more about the latest mod, Sent To The Void in POE.

Discover More About Sent To The Void In POE

POE has launched brand new maps containing mods like Sent To The Void mod, which can permanently end the player’s character.

Similarly, when the game sends characters to Sent The Void Leagues, after that, they can’t play and won’t be restored.

When players open the Valdos Puzzle Boxes, they will be rewarded with different maps containing various mods.

So, while using the map during the game, players must be aware that these maps contain mods like Sent To The Void.

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Players Complain Regarding Sent To The Void 

Many players complain about the Sent To The Void mod for not providing clear warnings, as it has voided their character.

Some Path of Exile players think that everyone needs to pay more attention, and the warning provided by the game is sufficient.

Also, players should always be cautious while playing games, as mods like this can unexpectedly cause permanent loss.

Finally, developers should provide more transparent information for their players while launching mods like this. 

Maps Containing Void In POE 

Players can see many maps holding this mod after the latest update in Path Of Exile.

Moreover, if any players die on these maps, they will no longer be able to restore their character.

Below are some maps that contain the Sent To The Void mod.

1. Maze Map

This is a tier seventeen map, and the player will receive Foil Veil Of The Night upon completing this map.

Hence, monsters will take damage only within a two-meter range.

Additionally, players should note that the area becomes fatal after some time.

information of Maze Map
Detailed information on Maze Map.

2. Burial Chambers Map

This map has a seventeen-tier level, and players will receive Foil Ventors Gamble after completing it.

Also, the maximum level of players in this area is only one, and there is 10% less damage per item equipped.

Burial Chambers Map Information
Burial Chambers Map contains Sent To The Void mod.

3. Tower Map

Firstly, this map has a tire level of seventeen, and players can receive a reward as Foil Terminus Est upon completion.

Additionally, this map has four more modifiers, providing players with more choices.

Likewise, this map also contains ELDERSLAYERS.

The Bottom Line 

Players should be careful and pay enough attention to using mods while playing games.

If players use a mod like Sent To the Void without reading carefully and die on the map, they will lose the character forever.

Moreover, mods like  Sent To The Void can be frustrating to players who don’t read all the instructions properly in the game.

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