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How To Defeat Fire Boss In Lies Of P?

Many players are struggling to beat the Fire boss in Lies of P.

Unfortunately, he is not an optional boss, so players must eliminate him to progress through.

The Fire boss in lies of p is known as King’s Flame, Fuoco, inhabiting the Center of Venigni Works. To beat the boss, players should enhance the Character build, dodge and guard the attacks and ensure to use abilities passively.

Continue reading to learn more about the Fire boss and the techniques to eliminate him to earn exclusive rewards.

Lies Of P Fire Boss

The Fire Boss is among the Hardest Bosses in Lies of P, who is known as King’s Flame, Fuoco.

King’s Flame stands by his name, thanks to his extensive flame amplifier feature.

The Fire boss’s technique and abilities are extraordinary, so players must approach proper strategy.

Players can find the boss in the Center of Venigni Works’ furnace room.

lies of p fire boss
Fire boss in the Center of Venigni Works.

Build To Beat Fire Boss in Lies Of P

Before facing such a significant threat, players should enhance their firepower and enable defensive mechanisms.

Also, the combat style players pick in the early game, including the Balanced, Dexterity and Strength, will play a massive role in the battles.

Nonetheless, follow the build to beat the Fire boss with ease in Lies of P;

1. Increase Vitality And Motivity

Enhancing the character’s vitality and motivation is best before fighting the Fire boss.

The King’s Flame has a lot of flames and fire abilities, so increasing vitality will look over regen and control the HP.

Moreover, to enhance movements and dodge the enemy’s ability, Motivity is an excellent option.

2. Weapons

Another primary part of the build before facing any enemies should be weapons.

If players are searching for an excellent motivity weapon, the Big Pipe Wrench head can be a great option.

Otherwise, the Electric coil stick head can get the job done; however, ensure to combine these weapons with blades for additional damage.

Great Sword of Fate and Booster Grave are also great options to equip it as a primary weapon.

Also, for attacks, players should carry throwing objects, including Throwing cells and Electrical Blitz Cannister.

3. Legion Arms and Amulets

The Fluminis and Puppet string are among the best legion arms in the game.

Fluminis glorifies higher stagger damage, whereas the string helps to deploy critical hits and combines with the weapons.

Jumping over to Amulets, Triumvirate is an excellent option to increase the legion arm damage.

4. P-organ

Another vital part of the build to enhance the character’s ability is definitely p-organ.

P-organs are the set of skills that offer intensive boosts and reliability to the characters.

The players’ class will impact the P-organ selection; however, there are some viable options to choose against every enemy.

Increasing the Pulse cells and lowering damage while dodging may be helpful when facing the Fire boss.

The Pulse cells will assist players in deploying continuous attack and usage of skills.

Moreover, lowering the damage while dodging will block critical hits, increase survivability and help easily overcome the boss.

Beating Lies Of P Fire Boss

Here are the few steps and techniques players can use to beat the King’s Flame, Fuoco, without taking any significant damage;

1. Head To Center Of Venigni Works

The first step is to track down the King’s Flame in the Center of Venigni Works.

If players are around Venigni, players should follow the stairs close and go to the ground floor.

Further, search for a blinking signal and approach the closed hall.

Center of Venigni Works
Enter the hall in the Center of Venigni Works.

Entering the hall, you will encounter the giant robotic boss, the fire boss.

2. Use The Throwing Objects

Next, players should engage in battle and start attacking the Fire Boss by using the throwing objects.

Ensure that the equipment and the items in the inventory are in the correct order.

Start throwing the Throwing cells and Electrical Blitz Cannister from mid-range where the enemy can’t deploy an attack.

lies of p fire boss
Attack the fire boss using the throwing cells.

3. Dodge, Guard And Block The Attacks

The Fire Boss has primary and secondary abilities which can damage the players critically.

Hence, knowing the technique and timing to dodge and block the attacks is a must.

Players can use the pillars to take cover from Fire cannons, Fury attacks and Flame throwers.

Moreover, players should try to dodge Fist lunge charge, fist smash, and uppercut punch.

In addition, use the guard to block off the first-floor sweep and try to counter all other abilities.

4. Attack passively

Players should not rush the Fire boss; instead, they should take the time to deploy an attack.

Moreover, players should learn the boss’s mechanism and attack pattern and attack accordingly.

Further, stack a lot of electrical damage and use the melee weapon best.

When the enemy is down to half the HP, he will deploy the fireballs across the area, so first take cover and then deploy an attack.

This will give the boss a tough time; hence, he can only damage players minorly, and players can eliminate him quickly.

Mission in lies of p.
Eliminate the King’s Flame.

The Bottom Line

The Fire boss is vital in the early game and is seen in the Center of Venigni Works’ Hall.

Players should learn the technique, know his attack pattern, enhance the firepower and block off these attacks to overthrow him.

Lastly, players will receive rewards, including the High power flame amplifier, King’s Flame Ergo and Flame Grindstone for beating him.

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