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Explore Everything About Kindred Prestige Skin

The new season announcement in League of Legends discloses various aspects including the Prestige skin for Kindred.

Further, the skin will be available in patch 14.4 for the Lunar Revel event, arriving on February 22nd, 2024.

Kindred Prestige is a much-awaited skin in League of Legends that players can get using the in-game currency 125 Mythic Essence. The skill will be in a stunning white and gold color scheme, even more luxurious than the regular Porcelain Kindred skin.

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New Prestige Kindred Skin In LoL For 2024

Prestige skins are color variations of their base epic skin in LoL with updated effects that make them prestigious.

Further, it offers a unique and more detailed cosmetic option for their favorite champions.

The popular prestige skin is now updated for 2024 in the new Season where players can access new skins for the champions.

Prestige skin for champions including Kindred
List of the champions who will get the Prestige Skin in 2024.

There will be five prestige skins for the first part of the update as disclosed by the developers.

Likewise, the order of release for the upcoming Prestige skins in 2024 will be Rakan, Ezreal, Kindred, Evelynn, and Kayle.

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Upcoming Prestige Skins For 2024

Players can have access to five new Prestige Skins after the update for their favorite champions.

Further, the upcoming skins for 2024 for champions in the first half of the year along with how to get them are given as:

  • Rakan: Mythic Essence
  • Ezreal: Event Tokens
  • Kindred: Mythic Essence
  • Evelynn: Event Tokens
  • Kayle: Event Tokens

Is Kindred Getting A Prestige Skin?

Kindred is a champion in the game League of Legends consisting of two entities: Lamb and Wolf.

Players have been eagerly waiting for Kindred to get a prestige skin for a long time.

Finally, the player’s favorite champion Kindred is going to get the new Prestige skin after the update.

Kindred is indeed getting a brand new Prestige skin in LoL for 2024, called Porcelain Kindred (Prestige).

Additionally, Kindred will get a Porcelain Prestige skin which is an established theme from previous updates.

It’s part of the returning Porcelain skin line, featuring beautiful blue and white porcelain designs with intricate flower and willow tree motifs.

Similarly, players can get the Prestige skin using the in-game currency 125 Mythic Essence.

Alternatively, players can also earn the skin by collecting 2000 event tokens during the event.

Porcelain Kindred skin
A closer look at Porcelain Kindred Skin in League of Legends.

Lamb will likely have a flowing white dress with golden accents, while Wolf might have a regal coat with similar embellishments.

In the meantime, you can check out the regular Porcelain Kindred skin, which already looks amazing,

Moreover, the regular Porcelain skill can get players a glimpse of what the Prestige version might look like.

Furthermore, keep an eye out for official previews and trailers from Riot Games as we get closer to the release date.

The Bottom Line

Moreover, Prestige Kindred is a highly wanted skin in League of Legends that’ll be finally available in patch 14.4.

This is exciting news for all the Kindred players and fans of the Prestige Porcelain skin line.

You should be sure to save up your Event Tokens or Mythic Essence if you want to get your hands on the Prestige edition skin.

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