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Explore The Max Level In Lords Of The Fallen

In Lords of the Fallen, the max level is tied to the maximum amount of stats that players can obtain.

Furthermore, after over-capping the stats, players will gain resistance instead of other benefits.

In Lords of The Fallen, there is no max level. However, there is a maximum amount of stats players can invest in. Thus, this cap acts as the maximum level cap for the game. The maximum stat any character can have is 100 points in each of the stats.

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What Is The Max Level In Lords Of The Fallen?

Rather than a max level, there is a hard cap on the amount of stats that players can accumulate in Lords Of The Fallen.

The maximum amount of stats, like Strength, Agility, etc, that players can accumulate is 100 in each stat.

Furthermore, you can only reach this hard cap if you play as a condemned and not in other classes.

After you reach the hard cap of the stats at 100 points, every point that you invest in the stats will increase your resistance.

Thus, it is better to plan out the way you want to increase your stats rather than haphazardly investing them.

Here is a list of each stat and their effects in Lords Of The Fallen:

  1. Strength: This stat allows players to equip and use heavy weapons. Strength also increases the physical attack power or damage of the players.
  2. Agility: This stat increases the light weapon damage and range weapon damage.
  3. Endurance: This stat increases the stamina and equip load of the players. Furthermore, this stat also allows players to equip heavy armor.
  4. Vitality: This stat increases the health pool and resistance to certain effects like bleed.
  5. Radiance: This stat increases mana and the damage of radiance spells. Furthermore, this stat also allows players to equip stronger Radiance catalysts.
  6. Inferno: This stat increases mana and damage of inferno spells and allows players to equip stronger Inferno catalysts.
stat and level page lords of the fallen
Lords of the Fallen stat and level page.

From the above list, we can see that the stats have a unique mechanic to them.

Furthermore, between the Radiane and the Inferno stats, players can invest in the type of magic they are specializing in.

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How To Reach Max Level In Lords Of The Fallen?

To reach the maximum level, players must interact with the Vestige point.

You will find the “Upgrade Character” option when you interact with the checkpoint.

Then, interact with the option and invest in the desired stat points. However, to invest in the stat points, players must first earn the currency by the name “Vigor.”

Players must defeat the overworld enemies and the bosses of Lords of The Fallen to obtain vigor.

Every enemy provides a certain amount of vigor, while the bosses give the highest amount.

level up character lords of the fallen
Use vestige to level up the character in Lords Of The Fallen.

This mechanic is very similar to the game Dark Souls, where players collect souls and use them at bonfires to level up their characters.

According to the players of Lords Of The Fallen, you must reach level 546 to reach the stat cap.

Furthermore, there is no official information on whether there is an actual max level or not.

Thus, the context of max level in Lords Of The Fallen is based on the maximum stats that players can from leveling up.

If you invest over the 100 points cap, each point will increase your resistance in the game.

The Bottom Line

In souls-like games, there are normally hard caps on stats but rarely caps on the level that you can get to.

However, due to the nature of the game, players typically end up playing the game until the end of the story and then trying new builds.

Thus, chances are there is no level cap in Lords of The Fallen, as most players don’t explore the game enough to know the maximum level.

Hopefully, this article can guide you in learning about the max level in Lords Of The Fallen.

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