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Komplete A Titan Battle: Fighting A Colossus In MK1

Mortal Kombat 1 offers players a new fighting system, game modes, and fatalities.

Komplete a Titan Battle is one of the achievements that is not yet available.

Komplete a Titan Battle is an achievement where the player has to accomplish a very powerful opponent known as a Titan successfully. This mode is recently not available. However, a person got the achievement in an online Kombat League Match against a Havik.

Continue reading to learn more about Komplete a titan battle, how to accomplish it and its rewards.

What Is Komplete A Titan Battle?

Komplete a Titan Battle is a tough fight against a Titan where you will only have to Komplete, not win the match.

To unlock this achievement, you will have to finish this tough battle.

It is not yet available in the game but will be added in the future.

However, 0.01% of players on Xbox have already won the achievement, but they are considered most likely to be developers or cheaters.

Moreover, the Titan Battles will likely be very rewarding and difficult.

Therefore, most of the players are still waiting for Komplete a Titan Battle to be available.

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How To Komplete A Titan Battle?

The steps to Komplete a Titan Battle are uncertain at this time due to its unavailability.

So here are a few tips on what you can do:

1. Wait For Availability

The developers have confirmed that the Titan Battles will be added to Mortal Kombat 1 in future updates.

Keep an eye on game updates, announcements, and community discussions for when these become available.

The exact method to unlock this achievement may become clearer in the future.

2. Check In-Game Stats

Some players have noticed a stat related to Titan Battles in the Invasion section of the game.

Whereas some state that on completing the whole Invasion they found nothing.

This suggests a connection between Titan Battles and the Invasion game mode.

3. Consider Speculations

Completing all Invasions or using consumables like the Secret Fight are some of the speculations to trigger the battle.

However, these methods are unverified and may or may not work.

4. Monitor Achievement Percentages

The achievement percentage for Kompleting a Titan Battle varies on different platforms.

Some players on Xbox reported 0.01%, and others on PS5 reported 0.00%.

It suggests that the achievement may have specific conditions or is not achievable at the moment.

5. Practice Your Skills

Titan battles are expected to be very difficult, so you must utilize this time to improve your skills; this includes;

  • Learning the different characters’ movesets
  • Practicing your combos,
  • Developing a good game strategy

Make sure to use the right gear and consumables; this includes;

  • Using gear that increases your damage output or defense,
  • Consumables that heal you or give you a temporary boost to your stats

Reward For Komplete Titan Battle

The rewards are yet to be confirmed since Komplete a Titan Battle is unavailable.

However, some players have predicted the rewards after Kompleting a Titan Battle.

  • On the accomplishment of the battle, you are likely to earn a trophy.
  • Since, Komplete a Titan Battle is an achievement, you might earn this achievement which can be displayed on your profile as well.
  • You may also gain a significant amount of experience points.
  • Some Titan Battles may offer exclusive character skins, gear, or cosmetic items as rewards.
  • Completing a Titan Battle may earn you in-game currency, such as koins or crystals.
  • You may even earn a higher rank on leaderboards.
  • Titan battle could reward you with new characters or abilities.
  • You may get exclusive access to new content like towers, stages, or game modes.
unlocked titan trophy
Unlocking Titan Trophy in MK1.

The Bottom Line

A Titan Battle is a special type of encounter in Mortal Kombat 1 that is not currently available.

Titan Battles are likely to be long and very difficult so be patient and do not be discouraged even if you die a few times.

The rewards after Kompleting a Titan Battle can vary, so check the game’s updates.

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