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How To Unlock Laser Lance In Armored Core 6?

The Laser Lance in Armored Core 6 is a type of weapon.

Players can obtain the exclusive item after completing a mission.

Players can unlock Laser Lance in Armored Core 6 by completing Chapter 3. Another way to obtain the melee weapon is by buying from the parts shop of the garage for 270,000 coams.

Continue Reading to discover how to obtain the Laser Lance and its usage in Armored Core 6.

What Is Laser Lance?

The Laser Lance is a powerful melee weapon in the game and appears by the name of VE-67LLA.

The VE-67LLA is designed by ArquebusADD  and lies in the Arms Unit part, which includes all the firepowers.

laser lance armored core 6
Left arm unit Laser Lance melee weapon.

Moreover, if players use any booster in the arms, it can enhance the melee’s attacking capacity.

It will also increase the speed and also assist in long-distance battles.

Further, the melee helps the internal boosting mechanism to deploy energy-based attacks.

The arms unit is one of the slot inventory of the ACs.

Players can equip a variety of equipment for their character.

Moreover, players can combine the Laser Lance with rifles and bazookas.

The Laser Lance melee weapon works best at close range, so players can opt for a better long-range weapon.

Players can equip melee weapons only in the left arm unit of their characters.

The Laser Lance’s primary ability is to deploy more severe damage and penetrate weaker spots in enemies.

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Specifications Of Laser Lance

The Laser Lance boasts the completion compared to other melee weapons in Armored Core 6.

Further, the Laser Lance can generate an attack power of up to 1151 dam, which is pretty high for a melee.

Moreover, it offers 800 impacts for the players and only deploys a single hit simultaneously.

In addition, the EN load of VE-67LLA is 460 for more excellent output results in the battle.

Unfortunately, the total weight of 4520 and cooling period of 232 could be an issue for some players. 

Moreover, it has 400 cumulative impacts, a direct hit adjustment of 195 and 131 PA interference.

The overall specification of the Laser Lance seems pretty solid, and it can be a significant weapon in tough battles.

Obtaining The Laser Lance In Armored Core 6 

Players can obtain the Laser Lance in Armored Core 6 in two ways.

In contrast, players must either buy the melee weapon or complete a mission to get it.

Players can buy the item for 270,000 Coams from the parts shop of the Armored Core 6 game.

However, players must utilize the points wisely and prioritize the buy.

laser lance armored core 6
Equipping Laser Lance in the Unit.

It all depends on the gameplay and tactics players approach in the game.

On the other hand, if players don’t want to spend any coams, they must complete Chapter 3.

Players should start from the Steal the Survey Data mission and progress through to surpass rank A.

The Bottom Line

Players can get the Laser Lance weapon by buying it from the store or completing Chapter 3.

A powerful melee weapon generates higher penetration if internal boosting is deployed.

Moreover, equipping the left-arm weapon with a long-range in the right will provide an advantage against powerful enemies.

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