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Explore About The Toon Spike In Brawl Stars

Many players are curious to know about the release date of Toon Spike in Brawl Stars.

Toon Spike is introduced in the January Brawl Pass Season of Star Toon Studios in Brawl Stars.

In Brawl Stars, you can buy the Toon Spike skin for 299 gems as the Star Toon Studios season started on January 4th, 2024. It adds fun to the look of the Spike brawler adding big eyes, colorful clothes, and a green ball of spike on its hand.

Continue reading to learn the abilities and skillset of Toon Spike in Brawl Stars.

What Is Toon Spike In Brawl Stars?

Toon Spike is the new skin in Brawl Stars, catching the attention of the Brawl Stars community.

Furthermore, the Toon Spike skin includes a custom brawler model, custom effects, animations, texture, and takedown.

In addition, you can buy the cute Toon Spike skin for 299 gems in Brawl Stars.

You can also get a pin pack, player profile icon, and spray when you buy this skin in the special offer.

New Skin Of Spike Brawler

The Toon Spike is the new skin for the brawler named Spike in Brawl Stars.

While Spike brawler has hollow eyes, the new toon Spike has big eyes capturing the attention of many players.

Toon spike brawl stars
Toon Spike is a new skin for Spike brawler in Brawl Stars that you can buy for 299 gems.

In addition, this skin has also winning and losing animation which allows players to express themselves during battles.

In the winning animation, the toon spike skin will jump in the air and throw kicks and punches to celebrate the win.

Whereas in the losing animation, the toon spike skin will bow down its head and make a sad expression for the loss.

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Attacks Animation Of Toon Spike In Brawl Stars

This Toon Spike skin has a main attack animation that attacks the enemies by throwing a big spike.

Furthermore, the spike is super powerful as it can deplete enemies’ health by half when hit.

For instance, if the Toon spike skin throws its main attack to the enemy with 4000 HP then the spike will deal 2240 damage points.

In the main attack animation, took spike will throw a green spike from a range which will shoot the enemies by rotating.

In addition, the Super Attack animation of the Toon Spike is very extraordinary in Brawl Stars.

Attack animation of Toon spike
Toon Spike uses cactus in both his main attack and super attack animation by throwing spikes at enemies.

When Took Spike uses the super attack effect, it will shoot a green spike with a pink flower on it.

Once the flower hits the enemy, it will surround the enemy with a white circle with multiple spikes emerging on the ground.

The spike with flower super attack can deal 800 damage points to the enemies.

Hence, you can combine both the main attack and super attack of Toon Spike to clear the enemies off the ground.

Skill Set Of Toon Spike In Brawl Stars

Toon Spike skin is of Spike who is one of the legendary Brawlers in Brawl stars.

Furthermore, the movement speed of the Toon Spike is 720 in normal mode and 936 when in hypercharge mode.

Toon spike skin attack is a cactus in the game which explodes to shoot spikes.

In addition, Toon Spike super attack animation takes the form of a projectile which creates a slow and damaging spike on the ground.

1. Toon Spike Gadgets In Battles

Toon Spike has two gadgets and they are called Popping Pincushion and Life Plant.

The popping Pincushion gadget allows spike to fire waves of a spike in multiple directions.

Whereas, the life plant gadget helps spike by spawning a cactus that works as a defense for him and his teammates.

At level 11, popping a Pincushion gadget can deal 1120 damage per needle in Brawl Stars.

Whereas, Toon Spike’s Life plant gadget health is 2400 and can heal 1440 Hp at level 11.

2. Main Attack Animation Of Toon Spike

The attack range of the Toon spike during the main attack animation is 7.67 long and it’s reloading speed of 2 seconds.

However, it can shoot 7 projectiles of spikes per attack while using the main attack during the battle.

The main attack super charge per hit of Toon Spike can deal with 14.42% of damage to the enemies.

Furthermore, the Toon spike can cause 560 damage per spike using the main attack when it is at level 1.

But its damage points gradually increase as you level up in the game.

Hence, the toon spike can deal 1120 damage at level 11 while using the main attack during the battle.

3. Super Attack Animation Of Toon Spike

The attack range of the Toon spike during its super attack animation is also 7.67 long,

However, the reloading speed during the super attack is 4.5 seconds which is double the time than the main attack.

Similarly, the supercharge per hit during the super attack is 12.5% which is comparatively less than the main attack.

The super attack has a projectile speed of 1739 and a thorny grenade range of 2.67.

Toon spike supper attack can deal 400 damage per second at level 1 and 800 damage per second at level 11.

The Bottom Line

The Toon Spike skin is one of the legendary skins but it is still not available for players to buy yet.

However, you can expect to buy the skin in mid-January as the Toon Studios season has already begun.

The skin includes different animations, custom brawler mode, texture, and takedown to enhance the game.

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