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Last Epoch Desert Treasure: How To Complete?

In Last Epoch, one of the intriguing quests that players can embark on the journey is the Desert Treasure quest.

Furthermore, this quest takes players on a journey to uncover a hidden contract within the Maj’erka Slums.

Moreover, the Desert Treasure quest offers players some exciting challenges and rewards along the way.

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What Is Desert Treasure In Last Epoch?

The Desert Treasure quest in Last Epoch tasks players with searching for a contract hidden within the depths of the Maj’erka Slums.

To begin this quest, players must venture into the cave hideout in the slums and confront the mini-boss lurking within.

Once the mini-boss is defeated, a glowing scroll will appear nearby, signifying the elusive contract that needs to be retrieved.

Desert Treasure
Desert Treasure questline in Last Epoch.
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How To Complete The Desert Treasure Quest In Last Epoch?

Here are the steps you need to follow to complete the Desert Treasure quest in Last Epoch:

1. Enter The Tomb Hidden Among The Dunes

Players must locate and enter the tomb concealed within the Radiant Dunes.

It set the stage for exploring untouched halls filled with ancient dust and signs of recent activity.

2. Explore Desert Tomb

Venture deeper into the tomb to encounter a fierce Gold Elemental, enraged by your presence.

A challenging battle occurs as you face off against the guardian of a mysterious relic with untold significance.

3. Defeat Enraged Wealth Elemental

Overcome the formidable Gold Elemental in combat to claim victory and secure the relic it was guarding.

Moreover, it will signal a pivotal moment in the quest’s progression.

Defeat the boss
Defeat the boss and get the relic to complete the quest.

4. Inspect Unearthed Relic

Examine the complexly crafted relic with curiosity while trying to know its purpose and potential value.

Likewise, consider seeking assistance from knowledgeable individuals in the city to unravel the relic’s mysteries.

5. Find Someone Who Knows About Relic

Consult merchants and fences in Maj’elka and the Slums to gain insights into the relic’s history and worth.

Furthermore, negotiate and haggle to determine the relic’s true significance and potential benefits.

Rewards For Completing The Desert Treasure Quest

Here are the rewards you will receive after completing the Desert Treasure quest:

1. Experience Reward

Completing the Desert Treasure quest grants players 3000 experience points.

Furthermore, it will enhance your character’s progression and capabilities.

2. Gold Reward

While the quest does not offer a direct gold reward, players may acquire valuable items by discovering them during the quest.

However, you will also get an Idol Reward after completing the quest.

3. Passive Points Reward

Players will receive 1 passive point as a reward for completing the Desert Treasure quest.

Moreover, it empowers your characters with additional skills and abilities.

The Desert Treasure quest in Last Epoch offers an engaging and immersive experience for players seeking challenges.

By following the steps above, players can uncover the hidden contract and complete the Desert Treasure quest.

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