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Acquire Golden Guppy In Last Epoch: A Perfect Companion

Golden Guppy is one of the latest additions and a new companion in Last Epoch 1.0.

The early owners of the Last Epoch were given the golden guppy as their in-game pet.

You can purchase any of the three different editions of Last Epoch to acquire Golden Guppy in the game.

Continue reading to learn more about the Golden Guppy in the Last Epoch.

Unlock Golden Guppy In Last Epoch 

If you have already purchased the Last Epoch, you are lucky; you don’t need to go through any other additional steps.

The last epoch gave Golden Guppy a special gift for its early owners.

As an early owner, players can find the Golden Guppy, a fancy companion, already at their disposal.

To unlock Golden Guppy, players should head over to the cosmetics section from their main menu.

Golden Guppy In Last Epoch
Players should visit the Pet section from the main menu to unlock the Golden Guppy in Last Epoch.

Upon reaching the cosmetic section, simply navigate to the Pets option to witness your beautiful Golden Guppies.

In there, players can find two beautiful Golden Guppies waiting for your retrieval to accompany you in the game.

Players can now obtain these golden guppies as pets in Last Epoch and take them together on their journey.

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Significance Of Golden Guppy Duo In Last Epoch

Once you have successfully unlocked the Golden Guppy Duo in Last Epoch, join them in your journey through Eterra.

Ettera is a god NPC in Last Epoch, and they are the prominent story characters in the game.

Players should head to the Eterra golden statue and finally employ the Golden Guppy Duo as their best buddies in the game.

Likewise, players can also find a mole known as Juvenil Skullen alongside the Golden Guppy Duo.

Golden Guppy Duos are radiant aquatic characters known to help you during your battles.

Golden Guppy Duos Accompanying players
These Golden Guppies accompany players while exploring the vast areas of their gaming journey.

Moreover, Golden Guppy Duos are extremely beneficial while battling formidable enemies and exploring the area.

For instance, these Golden Guppies help during the last refuge quest, where you have to speak with Captain Bravon.

These golden guppy duos attack other animals and assist in gathering loot from the surrounding area.

How Do You Obtain The Golden Guppy Duo?

For those players who are new to the Last Epoch adventure, fret not, as you can obtain the guppy duo easily.

The opportunity to unlock the Golden Guppy Duo from the pre-order is still available, so purchase the game ASAP.

In addition to the game itself, players can obtain their own legendary Golden Guppy Duo as their companion.

Players can purchase 3 different editions of Last Epoch, ranging from Standard, Deluxe, and the Ultimate edition.

You can visit the official website of Last Epoch and choose the package that suits your gaming preference.

It does not matter which edition you purchase, as you obtain the Golden Guppy from every edition.

Once you preorder the Last Epoch, simply head to the cosmetic tabs and toggle the pet option to unlock them.

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