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Explore About Golem Of Dark And Darker

Golem is one of the many bosses in the video game Dark and Darker.

He was recently included in the series during its first September 27, 2023 update.

In addition, the Golem boss is a slow-moving boss with rewards when you defeat him.

Golem is a stone-like and slow-moving mini-boss of Dark and Darker. Although defeating Golem is not that difficult his rewards have also equally unsatisfied the players.

This article will dive deeper into the details of Golem and its worth in Dark and Darker.

Who Is Golem In Dark And Darker?

Golem is a mini-boss that is large and stone-like in the appearance of the game.

In addition, they are very strong but very slow however, they can take many hits before going down.

Furthermore, the best strategy to use during fights with Golem is a hit-and-run strategy.

Also, Golems have a maximum health of 1600 and a movement speed of 150.

These creatures are present in the Ruins, a location with many hidden treasures and monsters.

It takes great skill, strategy and a lot of courage to navigate through the Ruins during the gameplay.

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How To Defeat Golem In Dark And Darker?

Golem is a large but very slow-moving mini-boss of the Dark and Darker game.

Defeating him can be tedious and slow, but it is equally easy if you get to it.

He is found under the tower bridge area on the Ruins map where the old rusty key door used to be.

In addition, he has a 50% chance to spawn near the giant worm which is also on the Ruins map.

Golem Spawn Dark and Darker
Golem can spawn under the bridge area or near the worm in the Ruins of the game.

Here is a breakdown of the process to defeat the Golem sub-boss in Dark and Darker.

  1. Firstly, visit either one of the two areas to be able to meet Golem.
  2. You may first encounter some mummy and skeleton enemies which you must defeat.
Mummy Dark And Darker Golem
Defeating smaller enemies like mummies and skeletons is equally important.
  1. Also, look out for any traps and tricks, as the Ruins is infamous for mischievous traps.
  2. There is also the possibility of Hellfire, so watch out for it as it may cause serious damage.
Be aware of the Hellfire and dodge it during your battle with Golem.
  1. Attack the Golem as much as possible as it does not go down easily.
  2. Also, dodge his attacks, which is pretty easy as he has a slow attack.
  3. To dodge his attacks, turn to the side and strafe away from him.
  4. Or, simply turn around and run to be able to dodge his attacks.

Defeating Golem Rewards

You can get different rewards for defeating the Golem at different times.

war maul defeating golem reward
Wa Maul is one of the rewards you can gain after defeating Golem.

As the mini-boss can spawn, you can meet and defeat him time and again.

You can sometimes get weapons such as Survival Bow and War Maul.

survival bow defeating golem reward
Survival Bow is one of the rewards you can gain after defeating Golem.

Alternatively, you can get wearable armor such as Heavy Leather Leggings with a rating of 35 and a strength of 2.

defeating golem reward
Defeating Golem can give you wearable armor as a reward.

In addition, you can gain other small rewards from defeating smaller enemies in the area.

Furthermore, the worm is also present nearby, providing a pretty loot when you defeat it.

Is Defeating Golem Worth It?

Although defeating the Golem provides certain rewards, players believe the rewards are disappointing.

The rewards are not worth the time and effort it takes to defeat the mini-boss.

Players who share their gaming journey on YouTube are concerned about the boss’s loot.

Golem Worth Dark and Darker
Defeating Golem and his loot is not that satisfactory for players.

However, whether you decide to defeat the Golem boss or not is a personal choice.

Therefore, decide for yourself and with some tips in mind you can easily defeat the Golem boss.

The Bottom Line

Golem, the mini-boss is a stone-like and slow-moving creature that can take many hits before going down.

However, the attacks are slow due to its size and pace, so it is quite easy to attack.

In contradiction, players are disappointed in the loot the boss provides after defeating him.

So, make sure you know all the facts before defeating the mini-boss and embarking on the journey.

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