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Last Epoch Hallowed Graveyard: Uncovering The Mystery

With the launch of the Last Epoch version 1 update, the entire game is full of mysteries like the Hallowed Graveyard.

This specific landmark in the game has bamboozled many players, as most of them can’t unlock it.

However, the mystery behind it is very intriguing as this place remembers some of the highest contributors to the game.

Continue reading to learn about the Hallowed Graveyard in Last Epoch.

Hallowed Graveyard In Last Epoch

Last Epoch released its new version 1.0 officially on February 21, introducing a new storyline and mysteries.

Similarly, some players have discovered one of the mysteries within Hallowed Graveyard, a new location.

Hallowed Graveyard last epoch
The location of the Hallowed Graveyard in Last Epoch.

However, others have complained that they cannot unlock the area as the waypoint is locked for them.

To reach this area, players must unlock and travel to the ‘The Souls Warden Road‘.

Those who have this area unlocked have reported that this place is full of gravestones around it.

Also, this place does not have any purpose in the main story but acts like a secret area. 

Moreover, players can interact with this graveyard to display some information on their screen.

Additionally, five specific gravestones look different than the rest and players can interact with them.

These 5 graveyards can summon zombies which shrouds the entire area with a mystery.

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Mystery Of The Hallowed Graveyard In Last Epoch

As soon as players discovered this area, they started to seek answers to solve its mystery.

Later, they discovered that this entire area pays homage to some of the game’s highest contributors.

During its Kickstarter phase, Last Epoch was receiving donations from various users worldwide.

However, some of them provided more than others to help the developers to create the game.

Hence, the developers created the Hallowed Graveyard to thank their highest contributors with custom engraved gravestones.

mystery of hallowed gareden
The solved mystery of the Hallowed Garden in Last Epoch.

Here is the secret to the tombstone and the zombies in Hallowed Garden:

  • Players who donated $250 during Kickstarter got their personal engraved tombstone in the area.
  • Players who contributed $400 or above got an interactable tombstone that summons a zombie.

Therefore, the names that appear in the gravestones are the names of individuals who contributed to the game.

Finally, the meaning of the word ‘Hallow‘ is ‘Honoured or Holy‘ which explains the naming behind this area.

Can Players Still Get A Personal Tombstone In Hallowed Garden?

No, players cannot get a personal tombstone anymore, as the game has already launched.

In General, the game gave this chance to a select few who contributed during the development phase of the game.

Hence, the game has already closed this feature, as it is virtually impossible to include a gravestone for every player.

So the developers of the game have paid no attention to players in online forums who are asking for this feature.

Moreover, since the game has already preset the layout of the area, they won’t change it again.

However, players might get an option like this in the future when the game plans its next development stage.

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