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Guide To Glowing Up Quest In Dreamlight Valley

In Disney Dreamlight Valley, players can explore the beautiful city filled with several challenges and crafting.

While exploring, the players should complete one of the quests named “Glowing Up”.

In Disney Dreamlight Valley, players can initiate the Glowing Up Quest by visiting Mother Godel and following her directions. Players should investigate the old map, hunt Sundrop petals, gather materials, craft Sundrop Charm before glowing up their campsite.

Continue reading to find out more about the Glowing Up Quest in Dream  light Valley.

How To Complete Glowing Up Quest?

Glowing Up is an exciting quest that allows players to embark on an exciting adventure filled with several challenges and exploration.

Likewise, players can begin the Glowing Up quest by finding the Mother Godel, a quest giver.

Upon finding the Mother Godel, players should engage in conversation with her to unlock the quest and initiate their journey.

There are some crucial steps during the quests, like utilizing the new eternity aisle during the quest.

With the new eternity aisle, players can bring characters in and out eliminating the need for traveling back and forth.

Besides that, here are some series of events for players to complete their Glowing Up Quest successfully.

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1. Finding Mother Godel

Important Step In glowing up dreamlight valley
Players must engage in conversation with Mother Godel to begin the quest.

Players must find Mother Godel to initiate the Glowing Up Quest.

Likewise, Mother Godel is the quest giver and players should engage in conversation with her.

After talking with her, she presents players with a unique quest to investigate the old map in their inventory.

Thus, players should explore their map and travel to various places to complete the provided tasks.

2. Locating Sundrop Petals

Upon exploring the map, it indicates the specific locations for locating the Sundrop Petals.

Players have to search for the Sundrop Petals, as it is a cruicial items for their quest.

Likewise, players can find the first sundrop petal in the Overlook.

Next, players can navigate to the specified area using their hourglass and search for Sundrop petals.

Players can continue exploring reasons like The Oasis, The Wastelands and The Backwoods.

3. Seek Help From Merlin And Ursula

After collecting the Sundrop petals , players have to seek assistance from the Dreamlight Valley’s inhabitants.

Players have to find the Meriln and Ursula by navigating to the Merlin’s Location and Swimming Pool to find them respectively.

Upon finding them engage with them in conversation to discover the next steps.

4. Gathering Important Materials

Gather Important materials for completing glowing up dreamlight valley
Players must collect these items to complete the quest.

After talking with Merlin and Ursula, Ursula will guide you to gather some materials.

Players should collect Dream Shards, Ever Gems, and a Skeleton Fish as per their advice.

Likewise, players should prepare their fishing rod and head to the White Bubbles in the Oasis to find the Skelton Fish.

Similarly, players can find the Ever Gems by exploring the rocks around the Ruins.

5. Crafting And Delivering Eternal Sundrop Charm

After players gather all of the important materials, head to the crafting station to craft the Eternal Sundrop Charm.

Similarly, by exploring under potions, players can craft the Eternal Sundrop Charm with gathered materials.

Once you have crafted the Eternal Sundrop Charm, you can deliver the Sundrop Charm to the Rapunzel.

6. Decorate The Campsite In Jungle

Finally, upon presenting the Eternal Sundrop Charm to Rapunzel, players can witness the enchanting interaction between Rapunzel and his mother.

Rapunzel will be extremely happy because of your assistance and asks for your help in decorating the campsite in the jungle.

Similarly, players can glow up their campsite in Dreamlight Valley by choosing cozy items like benches, lighting and decorative elements.

The Bottom Line

In Disney Dreamlight Valley, players can complete the Glowing up quest by completing the series of task .

Similarly, upon glowing up their camp in Dreamlight Valley, players can rejoice with Rapunzel at the beautiful campsite.

In summary, glowing up their camp not only completed quest rather it also added a beautiful touch to the Dreamlight Valley.

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