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Last Epoch Speak With The Keeper Guard: Return To The Previous Zone

One of the quests in Last Epoch is to “speak with the keeper guard,” who guards the entrance to the Keeper’s Vault.

The guard is a mysterious faction that guards the secrets of the timeline.

However, finding and talking to them is not as easy as it sounds.

Continue reading to explore how to complete the “speak with the keeper guard” quest in the Last Epoch.

The Keeper Vault Quest In The Last Epoch

The quest The Keeper Vault in Last Epoch is an early objective in the game.

Significantly, it would be best to find and rescue Keeper Balthas, the guardian of the final Epoch.

the northern road
You must exit the Northern Road

He is trapped inside a vault under attack by the Osprix, a race of bird-like creatures.

You must fight through the vault, reach Balthas, and help him fend off the Osprix. 

Then, you must escape the vault by going to the other side and exiting the Northern Road.

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How To Complete The Keeper Vault In Last Epoch?

To complete the Keeper’s Vault quest, you need to do the following steps:

  1. Enter the Keeper’s Vault from the Ulatri Highlands and follow the path until you reach a large chamber with a portal.
  2. Go through the portal and talk to Keeper Balthas, whom Osprix enemies surround.
  3. However, you will have to fight them off to protect him.
  4. After the fight, Balthas will ask you to meet him outside.
  5. Then, you need to go past him and head north, deeper into the vault.
  6. Follow the path until you reach another portal that leads to the Northern Road.
  7. Exit the vault and talk to Balthas again on the other side.
  8. You will see a cutscene where a dragon captures Balthas.
  9. Finally, you will complete the quest and receive a reward.
keeper balthas
You will see a cutscene where a dragon captures Balthas.

Fix The Speak With Keeper Guard Glitch In Last Epoch

Along the way, you may encounter some bugs or glitches.

As a result, this prevents you from speaking with the Keeper Guard or progressing the quest. 

This made the quest impossible to complete. To fix this issue, some possible solutions are:

1. Return To The Previous Zone

This means you have to return to the area where you entered the vault and then re-enter the vault.

Contrarily, this should reset the Keeper Guard’s dialogue.

Further, it allows you to interact with him and open the door to the next area of the vault.

2. Restart Your Game And Try Again

This means you must exit the game entirely and then relaunch it.

However this may take multiple attempts, but it may also fix the bug and let you continue the quest.

Some players have reported that this worked for them after two or three tries.

keeper guard
You can access the Keeper’s Sanctum, a hidden area.

Rewards For Speak With The Keeper Guard In Last Epoch

You can learn more about the Keeper Guard, their history, and their role in protecting the timeline

The rewards for completing the quest “speak with the keeper guard” in Last Epoch are as follows:

1. Keeper’s Sanctum

You can access the Keeper’s Sanctum, a hidden area.

It contains a Chronomancer who can reset your passive points for a fee.

2. Keeper’s Lore

You can unlock the Keeper’s Lore achievement.

This grants you 10 Chrono Crystals, a currency used to buy items from the Chronomancer.

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