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Mk1 Last Lantern And Bloody Shield Location

The Last Lantern in MK1 takes you on an epic adventure across different timelines and realms.

You must find the Last Lantern to get the Sun Do Festival set.

However, the Last Lantern is a rare and valuable item that will make your experience in MK1.

Continue reading to find the Last Lantern in MK1 and unleash your inner warrior.

Last Lantern In MK1

The Last Lantern is a special item found in Mortal Kombat 1.

The Last Lantern is part of the Sun Do Festival set.

It unlocks the night version of the Sun Do Festival stage, the music, and the concept art. 

You can obtain it by completing a challenge in the Invasions mode.

Significantly, players must fight against waves of enemies from different timelines.

However, the Last Lantern is hidden randomly on the Sun Do Festival stage, and players must find it before the time runs out.

The Last Lantern is usually near a lantern post, a fire pit, or a tent.

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Complete A Challenge In The Invasions Mode

To complete a challenge in the Invasions mode in Mortal Kombat 1, you need to follow these steps:

1. Select The Invasions Mode

Select the Invasions mode from the main menu and choose a character and a kameo to play with.

Each character and Kameo has different stats and elements that affect their performance in the mode.

Then, you will see a board with different nodes representing fights, towers, and minigames.

You can move your character across the nodes using the directional buttons or the analog stick.

Further, you can zoom in and out of the board using shoulder buttons.

last lantern mk1
Last Lantern is part of the Sun Do Festival set.

2. Start A Challenge

To start a challenge, select a node and press the confirm button.

You will see the details of the challenge, such as the difficulty, the modifiers, the rewards, and the requirements.

Some challenges have specific conditions you must meet, such as using a certain move, performing a fatality, or surviving a certain amount of time.

3. Face Opponents In A Fight

Once you start the challenge, you will face one or more opponents in a fight.

You can use your character’s moves, specials, and finishers to defeat them.

You can also use your game’s abilities by pressing the Kameo button.

Each kameo has a different effect, such as healing, boosting, or attacking.

fight with opponents
You will face one or more opponents in a fight.

4. Earn Rewards

If you complete the challenge successfully, you will earn rewards, such as coins, souls, hearts, gear, skins, or items.

You will also progress on the board and unlock new nodes and challenges. 

If you fail the challenge, you will lose some of your rewards and have to retry the challenge or choose another node.

You can quit the mode anytime by pressing the pause button and selecting Quit.

5. Complete The Invasions Mode

Reach the end of the board and defeat the boss to complete the Invasions mode.

The boss changes every season, which lasts for a few weeks.

Each season has a different theme, such as Fire Temple, Sun Do Festival, or Cyber Lin Kuei.

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