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Johnny Cage 2nd Fatality In Mortal Kombat (MK1)

Players can master the Johnny Cage 2nd fatality by learning the perfect positioning in MK1.

Johnny Cage is one of the best warriors in Mortal Kombat and a Hollywood star, he is famous for his talent on and off the screen.

In Mortal Kombat (MK1), players must position themselves at a medium range from their opponents before initiating Johnny Cage 2nd Fatality. Kickstarting this combination requires involvement in a sequence of precise moments i.e., Forward, Down, Back, and 4 buttons.

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Executing Johnny Cage 2nd Fatality IN MK1

Johnny Cage is one of the characters in the game that players can use for their battles.

Similarly, he is famous for his exceptional fatalities, devouring everyone who comes near him.

Mastering Johnny Cage fatalities is key for the players to thrive in the game, as it involves using props most of the time.

Johnny Cage in MK1
A player is battling the enemy by playing the Johnny Cage in Mortal Kombat 1.

It involves learning about two fatalities: Hollywood Walk Of Pain and Johnny Cage Fatality 2nd.

Upon learning these fascinating moves, players can overpower their enemies and secure an easy victory.

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Guide To Execute Johnny Cage 2nd Fatality

Players must learn the sequence of precise movements before executing the Johnny Cage 2nd Fatality in Mortal Kombat 1

Learning the attack range and button click sequence is vital to perform Johnny Cage’s second fatality.

Likewise, players must position themselves mid or far from the enemy before executing this move.

Being in the medium range proves to be even more efficient, so focus on maintaining the gap without getting too far.

After positioning to the better range, players should use the combination that triggers the 2nd Fatality.

For kickstarting Johnny Cage 2nd Fatality, players should give the input by pressing the Forward, Down, Back, and 4, respectively.

You must press the buttons in the provided series to enable the Fatality without any difficulties.

Moreover, the execution point for the Johnny Cage 2nd Fatality is a bit further from the other mid-range Fatalities.

So, consider placing yourself 2 meters away from the mid-range before unleashing your ultimate move.

Execution Of The Johnny Cage 2nd Fatality

Executing the Johnny Cage 2nd Fatality by correct movement triggers a cinematic sequence masterpiece.

Right after executing the 2nd Fatality, Johnny Cage kicks his opponent through the windshield of a sports car.

Next, as the opponent struggles to recover from the hit, Johnny swings the car door and hits him in the face.

The visuals do not stop here, next Johnny Cage ruthlessly slices the opponent in half by slamming the car door with extreme power.

johnny cage 2nd fatality mk1
Executing Johnny Cage 2nd fatality In Mortal Kombat 1.

Finally, the car moves on its own dragging the opponent, and explodes after covering some distance.

Moreover, behind the mechanics and visuals, Johnny Cage’s second vitality provides a unique insight into his character.

His way of commuting the brutality makes him stand out among the other characters, making him the most unrestrained character.

The Bottom Line

Johnny Cage is one of the spectacular characters in Mortal Kombat 1 and possesses a great power to encounter any formidable characters.

Mastering Johnny Cage grants the privilege of using his fascinating powers such as the Hollywood Walk of Pain and Fatality 2.

Players must learn the positioning and the precise button combination to execute the Johnny Cage 2nd Fatality.

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