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Mortal Kombat(MK1) Heated Exchange Klue: Scorpion As Cameo

In Mortal Kombat (MK1), players come across this mysterious Klue called a heated exchange.

While uncovering this clue, players encounter formidable bosses like Junior Monk, Spawn, and Blood Harpy.

Players can find this Klue upon visiting the Rampart Mesa within the enigmatic world of Mortal Kombat 1.

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How To Complete Heated Exchange Klue In Mortal Komat (MK1)?

During the exploration in Rampart Mesa, players come across this enigmatic Klue called heated exchange in MK1.

The Klue demands players engage in battle with the three deadly bosses, which presents a significant challenge for players.

Defeating these three different bosses in Mortal Kombat marks the completion of the heated exchange.

Here’s a step-by-step process to complete the heated exchange quest in MK1.

1. Choosing Your Cameo Character: The Importance of Scorpion

As you begin the quest, it is essential to choose the right cameo character to outperform your opponents in Mk1.

While partaking in the heated exchange quest in Mk1, the fierce Scorpion emerges as the ideal candidate.

Scorpion is one of the characters that players can select as their character for greater advantage during the battle.

MK1 Heated Exchange
Players should choose Scorpion as their cameo to complete the heated exchange in MK1.

With his lethal moves and fierce personality, it would be easier to engage in battle with powerful enemies.

Moreover, Scorpion possesses the necessary agility and power to battle three different bosses during the quest.

By using his swift and deadly strikes, players can easily gain victory over the bosses, which marks the completion of the heated exchange quest.

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2. Master The Scorpion’s Brutality

Upon choosing the Scorpion as their fighter for the heated exchange quest, players should learn its moves and skills.

Players must unleash the Scorpion’s deadly power against their enemies to conquer the Heated Exchange quest.

Likewise, players should learn about the precision and timing of Scorpion’s attacks to deal maximum damage to their opponents.

Despite the difficulty level of Scorpion’s brutality, players must practice often with this character and master his techniques.

Mastering the Scorpion’s brutality called Well Done is the key to completing the Heated Exchange Quest.

3. Executing The Scorpion’s Brutality

As soon as players begin this quest, they are teleported to the ring, where they have to face three different bosses.

Even though Scorpion is your chosen warrior, defeating all these three bosses has its own set of obstacles.

It is not a difficult task to defeat the Junior Monk in the initial phase; however, the real challenge begins after defeating him.

Upon defeating the first boss, players encounter Spawn and Blood Harpy, which pose a great threat to the players.

Fighting Boss In Mk1 Heated Exchange
A player should continuously attack bosses with precision and determination to secure victory.

Correspondingly, players should look at their moves list in the game and perform the steps to execute the Well Done brutality.

It is crucial to remember the mechanism for unleashing the attack, particularly the directive to press the down button twice.

Accordingly, make sure you press the down button multiple times to ensure the Well Done brutality is triggered efficiently.

Once the final opponent’s health depletes, you should execute the Well Done brutality to defeat the Blood Harpy.

As soon as you defeat the Blood Harpy, it marks the completion of the Heated Exchange Quest in MK1.

Rewards After Completing Heated Exchange In MK1

When the player completes the Heated Exchange Klue in MK1, they are rewarded with the chest.

Players should find the chest on the left from the starting location of the Heated Exchange quest.

Once you successfully open the chest in MK1, you can obtain items like:

  • Smoke Skin ( Cagey Quarry)
  • Legendary Talisman 
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