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LEGO Darth Malak Minifigure Leaked 2024

Lego and Star Wars enthusiasts are actively participating in various community regarding the leakage of the Darth Malak minifigure.

Players are abuzz with excitement and can’t wait to participate in the 25th-anniversary event of Star Wars.

Recently, there has been a leakage of the highly anticipated Darth Malak Minifigure from Star Wars. The  Darth Malak minifigure delivers an impressive level of detail to capture the essence of this legendary Star Wars Character.

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An Overview Of Darth Malak Minifigure

Darth Malak is one of the main characters from Star Wars who ruled as a Dark Lord of the Sith during the Jedi Civil War.

Similarly, Darth Malak was born on Quelii in the Outer Rim Territories and later became the Sixth Lord.

Darth Malak is a warrior who had to go through several hardships to transform into the Sixth Lord from Jedi Knight.

Likewise, players can now embrace the charisma of Darth Malak in Lego which will be introduced in the 25th Anniversary.

Darth Malak Minifigure
Leaked Darth Malak Lego figure.

However, there has recently been a leakage of Darth Malak Minifigure, creating a significant noise in communities.

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Lego Figure Darth Malak Leakage 

Recently Lego Figure Darth Malak encountered leakage that has ignited excitement among the communities.

Players are drawing comparisons to the character as the Darh Malak minifigure looks the same as the character.

The Lego set provides the intricate details of the Dark Lord Himself such as his black hair, sword, face, etc.

lego darth malak comparison
Players can witness that the Lego Darth Malak provides exact details of the Darth Malak from Star Wars.

The leaked image of the Lego Figure showcases the exact representation of the facial features, Malak’s mask, missing jaw so on.

Apart from that, the leg printing of the Lego Figure also accurately complements Malak’s character design.

Moreover, including the red lightsaber makes the Lego character more authentic, solidifying the Lego experience.

Affordability And Market Speculations Of LEGO Darth Malak

The Lego Star Wards community has diverse opinions regarding the leakage of  Darth Malak’s figure.

Some of the players are happy about Malak’s inclusion in the new season as he was not introduced before.

They believe that this move initiates releasing other Revan Figures in LEGO Star Wars later in the future.

Similarly, another notable point from the leakage original poster is the inclusion of Darth Malak as the cheaper set.

As his Lego figure is releasing at a cheaper price in the market, Lego enthusiasts are anticipating heavy traffic on its 25th anniversary.

If you are a fan of Dark Knight, buckle up and purchase his Lego figure as soon as it releases.

The Bottom Line

The Leakage of the Darth Malak minifigure has made a headline among Star Wars enthusiasts.

Also, LEGO is set to celebrate 25 years of Star Wars with Darth Malak and ARC Tropper Fives Minifigures.

Moreover, each set includes a Brick printed with the 25th-anniversary logo.

Wait patiently, until the LEGO releases this figure in its upcoming 25th Anniversary event.

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