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How To Perform Duplication Glitch In Lego Fortnite?

Lego Fortnite is a recent game mode update in the recent Fortnite season which has encountered a new dupe or duplication glitch.

Dupe Glitches in the game allow players to obtain multiple items for free because of backend issues.

In Fortnite players can exploit the dupe glitch by placing items in containers and then breaking them to get multiple items. However, players have also discovered other variants of dupe glitches in the game.

Continue reading this article to learn about the dupe glitch in Lego Fortnite.

Introduction To Duplication Glitch In Fortnite

Lego Fortnite is a sandbox-type survival game where players must survive by partaking in various activities.

Hence, it is inevitable that players must gather various items in the game like weapons and food.

Also, since there is a plethora of items in the game, the game encountered a duplication glitch.

Specifically, players can find this duplication glitch with weapons and food items in the game.

According to online discussions, players can get an infinite amount of food items or repair items repeatedly.

However, players must be quick to exploit this glitch as it is bound to be fixed in the upcoming update.

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Mechanism Of Dupe Glitch In Lego Fortnite

There are many ways to perform the duplication glitch in Lego Fortnite as it occurs for various items.

Nevertheless, the process remains the same for all the items as it follows a common pattern.

Players must place certain items inside containers like chests and boxes to perform this glitch and then break them.

In doing so, they will receive multiple food items or can repair the weapons infinitely.

However, note that this glitch might not work for every food item or weapon in the game.

Here is how the dupe glitch works for both these variants i n the game:

1. Duplication Glitch For Food Items

Firstly, players must pick a food item of their choice from the storage. For example: Pumpkin seeds.

Secondly, players must create these two items in the game: A Grain mill and a Crop Plot.

Food Item dupe glitch
Performing food Dupe Glitch In Lego Fortnite

After crafting them, players should start by placing the pumpkin seed in the craft plot.

Then, they should attack the craft plot item to break them to perform the glitch.

As a result, players will receive a full pumpkin each time it breaks in the crop plot.

Similarly, players can place the received pumpkins in the grain mill for seeds.

In doing so, players will receive 3 pumpkin seeds which can be again placed in the crop plot.

Hence players can get an infinite amount of food items in this way.

2. Duplication Glitch For Weapon Repairs  

On the other hand, there is a different variant of the dupe glitch for weapons in Lego Fortnite.

In Lego Fortnite, weapons have a durability bar, meaning they eventually break if not repaired.

Hence, the repair duplication glitch allows players to duplicate max repairs infinitely in the game.

Weapon dupe glitch
Players can perform weapon repairs Duplication Glitch in Lego Fortnite.

Players must create a chest and place their weapons into it to start the glitch.

Then, they can start breaking the chest, resulting in fully repaired weapons.

Therefore, this glitch saves time and resources to repair weapons in the game.

The Bottom Line

The duplication glitch is a very common one as it appears in multiple games besides Lego Fortnite.

However, these glitches are very short-lived as developers fix them quickly.

Hence, players must make the most out of it while it is still active in the game.

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