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How To Obtain The Glider In Lego Fortnite?

Fortnite is an online game with building, shooting, and survival elements.

Players need to craft the Glider in Lego Fortnite to use it for various useful purposes.

To get the Glider in Lego Fortnite, upgrade your crafting bench, gather materials like Flexwood Rods, Wool Fabric, and Silk Fabric, then craft the glider at a crafting station, providing versatile benefits such as preventing fall damage and enabling creative building and exploration.

In this article, we will discuss the Glider in Fortnite Lego.

What Is Glider In Lego Fortnite?

Lego Fortnite introduces a thrilling feature known as the glider, offering players a cool way to explore their blocky world. 

The glider is like a magical device that lets you soar through the skies, easily covering large distances.

To get this awesome tool, players must follow a step-by-step process.

Upgrade the crafting bench and collect specific materials to craft the glider successfully in Fortnite.

Once crafted, the glider becomes a game-changer, preventing fall damage and providing speedy travel.

Whether in survival or sandbox mode, the Lego Fortnite glider adds an exciting dimension to the gameplay.

glider fortnite
Glider helps you travel swiftly.

How To Get The Glider In Lego Fortnite?

Follow this guide to get the glider in Fortnite Lego:

1. Start Your Lego World

Firstly, press up on the d-pad, select “Create New World,” and choose between Survival and Sandbox modes.

Set world parameters, including options like Enemies, Hunger, and Villagers, which can’t be changed later.

2. Gather Resources

Now, collect Wood and Granite from the ground and punch bushes for Wood.

Likewise, craft tools using a Crafting Bench for larger trees and rocks.

3. Upgrade Crafting Bench

You must ensure your crafting bench is at least a rare level.

For the upgrade, you will need 12 Knotrood, 15 Marble Slabs, 6 Sand Claws, and 3 Sand Shells.

crafting bench glider lego fortnite
Craft the Glider in your crafting bench.

4. Gather Flexwood Rods

After that, head to the Desert biome with a Level 3 Axe.

Further, cut down cacti to obtain Flexwood, then convert it into Flexwood Rods at the Lumber Mill.

5. Collect Wool Fabric

You must also visit the Grassland biome and find sheep.

Pet the sheep to collect wool, then use the Spinning Wheel to create a Wool Thread.

Furthermore, convert Wool Thread to Wool Fabric using the Loom.

6. Obtain Silk Fabric

Moreover, explore a cave in the Grassland biome and defeat spiders for Silk or find it in chests.

Use the Spinning Wheel to create Silk Thread and the Loom to craft Silk Fabric.

7. Craft the Glider

Go to a crafting station, ensuring your crafting bench is upgraded.

Use the gathered materials (Flexwood Rods, Wool Fabric, Silk Fabric) to craft the glider.

Features Of Glider In Lego Fortnite

Using the Glider, you can glide through the skies from high places, covering vast distances quickly.

Moreover, you can use the glider to avoid taking damage from falls.

The Glider also facilitates exploration of the Fortnite world by providing an aerial perspective.

Further, you will gain a strategic advantage by effectively accessing elevated positions and planning movements.

Also, the glider enables creative building and construction, allowing players to design structures from above.

The Bottom Line

In conclusion, the glider in Fortnite Lego is a useful item that transforms the gaming experience.

Whether preventing fall damage, strategically navigating the world, or adding a creative flair to a building, the glider is a versatile tool.

Hopefully, the details provided in this article will assist you in navigating the game seamlessly.

Happy Gaming!

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