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Lego Fortnite Loom: Crafting And Using It

Players need to craft the Loom in Lego Fortnite to create various types of Fabrics.

Fabrics are created using items such as silk fiber, woolen fiber, etc, obtained from different sources.

Loom in Lego Fortnite is a mechanical device that players can use to craft items such as silk and wool armor, the glider, etc, using silk and wool fibers.

Continue reading more about the Looms in Lego Fortnite.

What Is A Loom In Lego Fortnite?

Loom is a machine in Lego Fortnite that players use to craft various fabric items made from silk and wool fiber.

Moreover, you can create the Loom using the following sets of items:

  • 9 Flexwood
  • 8 Flexwood Rod
  • 6 Sand Claw

In the same way, players also need to progress through the game to be able to unlock these items.

Using The Loom
Using The Loom to Craft Fabric in Lego Fortnite.

Similarly, After you create the Loom, you can place the silk and wool threads in the Loom.

Additionally, doing this will create the fabric of your choice for making other items in the game.

Furthermore, players can access the Loom from the Utility options in the Station category of the Build menu.

How To Use The Loom In Lego Fortnite?

First, you need to find the materials such as silk and wool to use the Loom in the game.

Moreover, players can obtain the silk by killing the spiders that reside in the shady areas.

Similarly, you can get the wool by interacting with the sheep that reside in the Grassland area.

Additionally, players will now have to use the spinning wheel to convert the silk and wool into threads.

In the same way, after creating the threads, players have to place them on the Loom.

Furthermore, the loom will automatically craft the fabrics of your need using the threads.

How To Find Items Needed To Craft The Loom?

Players need the following items to craft the Loom in Lego Fortnite:

1. Flexwood

Players can find Flexwood from the tall cactus plants in the Desert biome area of the game.

In the same way, you need to chop these cactus plants using the tier-three axe and get the Flexwood.

Similarly, players need to keep in mind that this cactus plant can only be chopped using a tier-three axe.

Therefore, you need to upgrade your crafting bench and tools in order to create this axe.

2. Flexwood Rod

Players can obtain the Flexwood Rod using the Flexwood from the tall cactus plants.

Moreover, you can take any Flexwood you have and place it inside the Lumber Mill.

Furthermore, the Lumber Mill will automatically refine the wood into the Flexwood Rod.

3. Sand Claw

Players can get the Sand Claw by killing the tier-two Sand Wolf.

Similarly, you can find this wolf in the beach, valley, or desert biome area.

Attacking Sand Wolf
Attacking Sand Wolf to get Sand Claws in Lego Fortnite.

Furthermore, players can only hunt this wolf at night and can locate it by its orange color.

Additionally, the Sand wolf will drop 4 Sand claws after you defeat it.

The Bottom Line 

Overall, the Loom in Lego Fortnite is essential as it helps craft various types of fabrics for items like the glider, wool armor, etc.

Moreover, players can easily craft the Loom by finding items like Flexwood, Sand Claw, etc across different locations.

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