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How To Obtain Bloody Steel Splinter In Remnant 2? 

The Bloody Steel Splinter is a crafting material in Remnant 2 that allows the players to obtain a weapon mod. 

However, obtaining the splinter itself forces players to face the Red Prince. 

To obtain Bloody Steel Splinter in Remnant 2, you must pay tribute to The Red Prince with at least three Crimson King Coins. You can get Crimson King Coins from Teleport Fae.

In this article, we will discuss the bloody steel splinter, its uses and its acquisition method.

What Is Bloody Steel Splinter In Remnant 2? 

The Bloody Steel Splinter in Remnant 2 is a crafting material, and the player can use it to craft a weapon mod.

However, they must first provide the material to McCabe

Bloody steel splinter is a crafting material
It is a crafting material that allows players to craft weapon mods in Remnant 2.

After the players provide McCabe with this splinter, she will craft the Blood Draw mod. 

This mod allows the players to shoot razor-sharp chain shards that impale up to 5 targets within 15 meters

Each chain shard deals ten damages upon hitting and pulls them toward the player. 

Furthermore, after the chain pulls the enemies, it deals 250 damage.

However, each chain deals 50 damage to the enemies, which totals 250 damage.

Additionally, the chains debuff the enemy with 275 bleeding damage over 15 seconds

Blood draw deals damage and causes bleeding
Blood draws out chains that damage the enemy in Remnant 2.

Thus, this gives players a significant damage boost through crafting perks. 

How To Obtain Bloody Steel Splinter In Remnant 2? 

Players can obtain the Bloody Steel splinter from The Red Prince.

However, players must meet a few requirements before they obtain the item. 

  1. First, the players must collect Crimson King coins. They can collect the coins from defeating Teleport Fae
Crimson coin drops from teleport fae
The crimson coin is a quest item that the teleport fae drops in Remnant 2.
  1. Players can find the Teleport Fae in the Glided Chambers, an area of Losomn
  2. Furthermore, players must collect three Crimson King coins before presenting them to the Red Prince.
  3. Once the player collects three Crimson King coins, they can go to the Red Prince on his throne inside the Glided Chambers.
  4. Similarly, they must present the Red Prince with the three Crimson King coins. Then, the Red Prince will kill the player. 
  5. After the player respawns at the checkpoint, the Red Prince will spawn beside the player and provide the player with the Bloody Steel Splinter.
Give Crimson coins to the Red Prince
Players must provide the Red Prince the Crimson King coins to obtain it.

Furthermore, players are unable to obtain it through methods other than obtaining it from the Red Prince.

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The Bottom Line

Crafting materials are the bread and butter of any Roleplaying Game like Remnant 2.

Bloody steel splinter allows the players to obtain a new trait that allows them to boost their damage; however, obtaining it is quite a hassle. 

Hopefully, this article can guide you in obtaining and using it for your benefit. 

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