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Lego Fortnite Server Restart: Pixelated Pause

As for how long the LEGO Fortnite server will be down during a restart, it usually doesn’t take too long.

Servers need a short break to refresh and prepare for more gaming fun.

Server restart in LEGO Fortnite is essential for maintenance to optimize performance, introduce patches, fix bugs, and enhance overall stability. Typically lasting a few minutes to ensure a seamless gaming experience.

Continue reading to learn more about Server Restart, its benefits, and how to check the Lego Fortnite server status.

Server Restart In Lego Fortnite 

Just like any other online game, LEGO Fortnite also needs occasional maintenance to keep things running smoothly.

However, server restarts are necessary for the game, so try not to get too frustrated.

There’s no set schedule for server restarts in LEGO Fortnite.

When a server restarts, it will kick you out of your world and send you back to the main menu.

You might see a message about the restart, or they might just disconnect you without warning.

After a few hours, you should be good to go and continue your adventures in the brick-filled world.

However, it can sometimes take longer if the developers make major game changes.

fortnite server status
Fortnite outrages have been reported in the last 24 hours.
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Benefits Of Server Restart In Lego Fortnite 

Although server restarts might temporarily interrupt your gameplay, the benefits they offer in the long run are well worth it.

  • Restarts allow developers to implement patches and fixes for any bugs or glitches.
  • Optimizes server performance by clearing out temporary data and resolving minor software conflicts.
  • Introducing new content and features into the game gives players exciting things to explore.
  • Restarts also help to clear out some of the traffic, prevent crashes, and improve matchmaking times.
  • Improve overall server stability, by clearing out inactive players and balancing the number of players across servers.

How To Check Lego Fortnite Server Status?

Remember, if there are server issues, it’s not just you; it’s affecting everyone.

So, checking these sources will keep you informed about the current status.

The most reliable way to check the LEGO Fortnite server status is through the official Epic Games Status Page.

This website provides real-time information about the current status of all Epic Games services, including LEGO Fortnite.

What to Look For?

The three major things to check in Epic game’s status page are;

  • LEGO Fortnite Status: Look for the green “Operational” status next to “LEGO Fortnite.” This indicates that the servers are up and running.
  • Matchmaking Status: If you’re experiencing difficulties joining matches, check the “Matchmaking Operational” status. A green status indicates that matchmaking is working properly.
  • General Status: Pay attention to the overall status of other services, like “Fortnite Festival” and “Game Services.” Any red “Major Outage” or yellow “Partial Outage” status might indicate underlying issues affecting LEGO Fortnite.

Additionally, follow the official @FortniteStatus Twitter account for server maintenance and outrages updates.

If you’re still experiencing issues after checking the server status, feel free to contact the LEGO Fortnite Support team for further assistance.

keep track of current Lego Fortnite server status
You can keep track of the current Lego Fortnite server status through Downdetector.


The Bottom Line

Therefore, the best way to stay informed about server restarts is to follow LEGO Fortnite on social media.

They usually announce any upcoming restarts ahead of time.

They play a vital role in keeping the game running smoothly and maintaining a positive experience for players.

So, the next time you encounter a server restart, remember that it’s for the game’s greater good!

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