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Explore The Capybara In Disney Dreamlight Valley

Disney Dreamlight Valley introduces new animals in their new expansion pass where you can find adorable Capybara.

Capybaras are highly sociable animals, so you can approach them anytime and build friendships with them.

In Disney Dreamlight Valley, players can find Capybara in the lush jungle of Wild Tangle and befriend them. You can easily get close to capybaras as they are relaxed critters and will not run away from you. 

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Different Animals In Disney Dreamlight Valley

There are different animals in the new A Rift In Time expansion pass of Disney Dreamlight Valley.

You can find animals like Capybaras, monkeys, cobras, crocodiles, squirrels, raccoons, ravens, foxes, sea turtles, rabbits, etc.

Hence, you can make these animals your friends and they can be your exploring buddy.

Feed Animals Their Favorite Food

You must give food to these animals in the valley to make them your friends.

However, feeding these animals in the valley is not as easy as it sounds.

It is quite a challenging task as the animals run away most of the time when you approach them.

The favorite food of the Capybaras in the Disney Dreamlight Valley is Bamboo.

You must hustle quite a bit and get close to them to finally give them food and build a friendship.

Each of the animals in the valley has their favorite food in A Rift In Time Expansion Pass.

So if you can get them their favorite food, they will accept it easily.

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Capybaras In The New Expansion Pass

Capybaras are one of the most adorable and friendly animals that you can make friends within the valley.

Furthermore, Capybaras are very friendly so it will be comparatively easier to be friends with them.

You can find Capybaras in the Wild Tangle which is a beautiful jungle with greenery.

gold edition capybara
You can get a Capybara animal companion in the Gold Edition of the pass.

If you buy the Gold Edition of the expansion pass then you can get a cute flowery Capybara animal companion.

However, the gold edition is on the expensive side as it will cost you $69.99.

The Favorite Food Of Capybaras In The Dreamlight Valley

Among all the different animals, Capybaras are very friendly so you can feed them to make them your exploring buddy.

Furthermore, Capybaras are relaxed creatures and are highly sociable so you can approach and feed them anytime.

They will not run away if you go close to them and it is comparatively easier to build friendships with Capybaras.

capybara buddy
Capybaras are very friendly so you can feed them to make them your exploring buddy.

Capybaras love to eat Bamboo in the Disney Dreamlight Valley.

Hence, if you take bamboo with you and approach the capybaras they will easily accept the food.

The Bottom Line

The new addition of Capybara in the Dreamlight Valley gives players a fun and sociable experience.

So, enjoy the new expansion of the Dreamlight Valley by befriending the adorable capybara in the game.

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