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Lego Fortnite Survival Compass: Craft Recipe In Smelter

The new patch of Lego Fortnite, “Gone Fishin’,” introduces new tools like the Survival Compass and Spyglasses.

Using the Basic Compass, you will not need to open your map to see the direction you’re heading, as it adds basic navigation to your HUD.

However, if you also want your HUD to show your map markers, you will need to unlock the Advanced/ Survival Compass.

Read more to learn how to unlock the new compass, how to upgrade it, and use it.

Survival Compass In Lego Fortnite: What Does It Do?

Survival Compass adds a navigation tool to the top of your screen and since it is a passive equipment, it will not hog up your inventory space.

The compass will show your map markers, objectives, and where you are headed.

Lego Fortnite Survival Compass
You can craft the survival compass by going to your crafting bench.

Additionally, it displays world landmarks such as caves and mountains.

Moreover, it also tracks the distance to your next destination in meters simplifying the rusty job of constantly opening the map.

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How To Craft Advanced Compass In Lego Fortnite?

To craft Advanced Compass in Lego Fortnite, you will need a few materials like:

1. Glass x5

To make glass, you need two more materials:

  • Sand x2
  • Brightcore x1

You can find both of these materials in the desert biome; make sure you take a shovel on your trip.

Sand can be acquired by digging on the ground in the desert.

Brightcore can be found in Dry Valley caves, near lava in the desert.

However, caves in Dry Valley are extremely hot and full of mobs, so prepare accordingly for your journey.

After grabbing both of these materials, you can combine them to make Glass in Metal Smelter.

Lego Fortnite Survival Compass
Both Copper Bar and Glass can be crafted within Metal Smelter.

2. Sand Claw x1

Sand Claws will be dropped by Sand Wolves located within beach, valley, or desert biomes.

The Sand Wolves are tier-two wolves that roam around in the dunes.

Furthermore, these Sand Wolves will only appear during the night so prepare for the fight accordingly.

Remember, you will not get Sand Claws from low-tier wolves.

3. Copper Bar x1

Copper Bar, a material you need to upgrade your crafting bench to your tools, is like a universal material so grab a ton when you are doing it.

Once you are in the Desert Biome, you will need to find an entrance to the Lava Cave.

Pro-tip: Gather Snowberries and Milk for crafting Snowberry Shakes before venturing into the desert. Snowberries are abundant in Snow Biomes, while Milk can be obtained from cows by petting them.
Moreover, Use a Juicer to prepare Snowberry Shakes.

On entering the Lava cave, look around for Copper on the ground or the walls.

Coppers are typically blue, orange, or deep red, so make sure you hit the right stone.

You should use your rare pickaxe to mine the copper and repeatedly hit the copper blocks until the pieces fall on the ground. 

However, acquiring the copper doesn’t make copper bars itself; to make Copper Bars, you additionally need:

  • Copper x1
  • Brightcore x2

Combine them in your Metal Smelter and acquire the Copper Bar to make the advanced compass.

After you have all the materials for the Advanced Compass, craft the compass on your crafting bench.

Furthermore, having crafted the compass, it will automatically be equipped on your HUD.

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