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Why Has Lego Fortnite Village Square Disappeared?

Players can build their own villages in Lego Fortnite by placing structures within the designated Village Square.

However, many players have reported that their Village Square has disappeared from their maps.

The Lego Fortnite Village Square has disappeared for some players with potential causes including intentional destruction, game limitations allowing one village per biome, and bugs arising during gameplay activities.

In this article, we will discuss the potential reasons why your Village Square has disappeared.

What Is Village Square In Lego Fortnite?

In LEGO Fortnite, the Village Square is a crucial spot where players begin building their villages.

To begin your village adventure, you must construct the Village Square using 10 wood and 10 granite.

Further, this special square becomes the center, marking your village on the map with a unique color and symbol.

village square lego fortnite
Building a village starts from the Village Square.

Your village rating increases as you build and upgrade structures like walls, workbenches, and decorations.

When your village rating goes high enough, the Village Square glows gold, signaling it’s time to level up.

To do this, head to the Village Square, go to the Upgrade Village tab, check the requirements, and gather the needed materials.

Moreover, the upgrades unlock new features for your village, and you can even change the color and symbol.

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Why Do Players Destroy Their Village Square?

Players might choose to destroy their Village Square in Lego Fortnite for various reasons.

These are often part of strategic gameplay or experimentation.

However, some common reasons include:

1. Village Relocation

Players might want to move their village to a different location for better resources or to explore new areas.

Additionally, by destroying the Village Square, they can rebuild it in a different spot.

2. Resource Management

Destroying the Village Square can provide players with a fresh start.

Further, it allows them to manage resources or redesign their village layout efficiently. 

village disappeared lego fortnite
Players intentionally destroy their Village Squares.

Lego Fortnite Village Square Disappeared On Its Own?

It seems there might be a bug or issue in Lego Fortnite where the Village Square and map marker are disappearing for some players.

The disappearance of the LEGO Fortnite Village Square might happen for a few reasons.

1. Village Intentionally Destroyed

Sometimes, players intentionally destroy the Village Square as part of their game strategy or testing.

This causes the Village Square to disappear which is not a bug.

2. Game’s Limitation

The disappearance could also be related to potential limitations, such as the suggestion that players can only have one village in each biome.

If a player attempts to create a new village in the same biome, the existing Village Square could disappear.

However, this limitation encourages players to diversify their villages across different biomes.

3. Bug In The Game

In some cases, players accidentally encounter bugs that make the Village Square vanish from the map.

These bugs can occur when players explore new areas, upgrade their village, or engage in various in-game activities.

Players encountering the disappearance due to bugs should report the issue to game developers.

The Bottom Line

In Lego Fortnite, the Village Square is the starting point for building villages.

However, players may intentionally destroy it for strategy or testing.

But also unexpected disappearances could be due to game limitations or bugs. 

Hopefully, this guide has helped you understand why your Village Square disappeared in Lego Fortnite.

Happy Gaming!

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