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Shade Eye In Armored Core 6: A Guide To Obtain It

The Shade Eye in Armored Core 6 is a unique head part that you can use to make your robot better.

Additionally, it helps players see more clearly and hide from enemies. It is tough to get, and many players want it.

The Shade Eye in Armored Core 6 is a rare head part with significance. The players can obtain it with the accomplishment of The Gamma Analysis and The Secret Mission.

In this article, we will describe the ways to obtain the Shade Eyes along with its benefits and drawbacks.

What Is Shade Eye In Armored Core 6?

Shade Eye is the type of head part for Armored Core in Armored Core 6.

The head part determines the aspects of the game, such as stability, scan distance, scan effect duration and the total AP. 

Among the different head parts, it is one of the most advanced in the game. 

It comes with unique capabilities such as scanning and analyzing. 

Moreover, it has a blade countermeasure system to deflect enemy attacks.

Players can unlock it by accomplishing all Gamma Analysis encounters in the Arena mode.

Players can accomplish all Gamma Analysis encounters in the Arena mode.

These encounters are only available during New Game+, which is the second playthrough of the game.

In general, the Shade Eye head part is ideal for players who want to have a tactical advantage over their opponents.

It lets players use their Armored Core’s abilities to the fullest.

Features Of Shade Eye In Armored Core 6

Shade Eyes has unique features that make it more advanced and versatile in the game.

Moreover, players can use its features to gain an advantage over their enemies in various situations.

Some of its features are:

1. High Sensor Performance

The high sensor performance aids players in locating and targeting enemies from a safe distance.

Moreover, it lets them avoid unnecessary encounters with stronger foes.

2. Built-in Bio-Computer

This built-in bio-computer features players with helpful information and suggestions.

In contrast, information includes enemy weaknesses, optimal weapons, and best routes.

3. Stealth Function

The stealth function aids players in sneaking past enemy defenses and ambushing unsuspecting targets.

Additionally, it aids in escaping from dangerous situations.

4. High Durability

Strong durability helps you survive battles. You can fight better with strong enemies or in the wrong places.

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How To Find Shade Eye In Armored Core 6?

Finding the Shade Eye is difficult; players should finish challenging tasks or battles in a new game.

However, there are two possible ways to find it. They are:

1. The Gamma Analysis

The Gamma Analysis encounters in the Arena mode are one of the new challenges in the New Game+ mode.

Players should accomplish Mission 27: Destroy the Ice Worm in New Game+ mode to unlock it.

destroy the ice worm
Players should destroy the Ice Worm to unlock Gamma Analysis.

Further, they need to destroy its weak points and avoid its attacks to complete the mission.

After accomplishing Mission 27, players can unlock the Gamma Analysis encounters.

However, you have to fight ten tough battles with different robots. Each robot has its look and plan.

Thus, it would be best to defeat them all to unlock Shade Eye as a reward.

2. Secret Mission 

A Secret Mission is another way to find the Shade Eye.

Players must scan a hidden code in Mission 23: Infiltrate the Base.

Moreover, they must infiltrate a heavily guarded base and destroy its core.

The base is in a desert area, and turrets, mines, and enemy ACs surround it.

Players can use stealth and speed to avoid detection and reach the core.

However, there is a hidden code on a wall near the end of the mission, and they need to scan it with their FCS (Fire Control System).

Therefore, scanning the code successfully unlocks a mission called Mission 23B: Find Shade Eye.

Drawbacks Of Shade Eye In Armored Core 6

Shade Eye enhances the player’s Armored Core’s performance and adaptability.

However, it is not a perfect part, and it also has some drawbacks, such as:

1. Costly

Getting it is not easy because it costs a lot of money, and you need a lot of skill. 

To get it, you must do tough things or fight enemies, called missions or encounters.

2. Energy Consuming

It uses a lot of power to work and is very heavy to carry. 

However, Armored Core needs more energy and more strength to use it.

Therefore, it makes your Armored Core less able to move around and less quick to react.

3. Compatibility

It is incompatible with other parts or functions, such as the Over boost or the ECM.

The Bottom Line

Players should always consider all the factors before equipping Shade Eye with their Armored Core.

Contrarily, they should experiment with different combinations of parts and weapons to find the best balance for your Armored Core.

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