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Lethal Company Mods Not Working: Possible Solutions

Players are currently complaining that the Lethal Company Mods are not working.

As a result, they cannot play in a bigger lobby or use the features that in-game does not offer.

The Lethal Company Mods may not work due to missing and corrupt game files, Incompatibility and Unidentified game files. Players must place the folders in the correct file, update the Mod, add the missing files, and manage plugins to solve the issue.

Continue reading to explore why Mods are not working and the fixes in Lethal Company.

Why Is Lethal Company Mods Not Working?

Here are the few possible reasons why the mods, including Bigger Lobby Mods, are not working on Lethal Company;

1. Unidentified Game Files

The Mod is not working mainly because players transfer the folders to the wrong files.

Many players often put the game folder on the Desktop; hence, the mods won’t work.

Additionally, players also insert the mods in the plugin or similar folder.

2. Incompatible Mod

The Mod players may not be of the latest version or compatible with the latest updates.

If players are using Version 40, they should have the same mod version.

3. Illegal Byte Sequence

Players can bet the Illegal Byte Sequence Encountered Error if they have whitespace characters.

Also, players should avoid using special characters including@, #, %,$ and *.

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Fixes Of Lethal Company Mods Not Working

Here are some of the possible ways to ensure Mod works on Lethal Company;

1. Documents File

The most straightforward approach to using the Mod is deploying the game folder on Document File rather than other file locations.

Moreover, players should keep the BepInEx pack in the game folder; otherwise, the Mod won’t load.

2. Update Mod

The mods in any game, including Lethal Company, won’t work if players have updated the game.

Players can check if there is any Mod update with the version and download them.

For instance, Version 45 is launching next week; hence, players should only get the patch after the Modded version is available.

3. Add Missing Files

If players are trying the Mod, they should have the BepInEx Pack, LC API, and Lethal Players, depending upon the requirement.

Players can download the files by clicking on Manual Download.

bepinex mod not working
Tap on BepInEx manual download.

Players can also face in-game bugs while using mods, including Lethal Players, as it is still in the early stages.

4. Plugins

Many players are placing the BepInEx plugins in the BepInEx folder in Lethal Company rather than other folders.

Additionally, players should locate the Lethal Players folder in the Plugins.

If players launch the game after improvising a solution, a code will be generated upon the game launch.

Players can also check the bottom left of the game screen to ensure the Mod is working.

lethal company mods not working
Check the bottom left of the game to verify the Mod and the version.

Players can also join the modded version of the server for an enhanced gaming experience.

After players complete the first moon and do not get reports, they must install Bigger Lobby V2.0.4 & LC_API DLL.

5. Re-install mod

Re-installing the same mod is probably the most straightforward way to overcome Mods not working issue.

To re-install the mod, players should head to the BepInEx site and initially download and insert the required packs into the game folder.

The Bottom Line

Using the mods, including 20-player mod, hyena mod or any other mods, can add a fun experience to play with friends.

However, it may not always work due to missing files or incompatible mods.

Additionally, if players want to enjoy the Mod with their friends, they should install the same mod.

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