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The Power of Knowledge Dreamlight Valley: Friendship Quest

The power of knowledge in Disney’s Dreamlight Valley is a friendship quest handed out by Sulley.

Sulley, a protagonist of Monster Inc. wants to teach Vanellope von Schweetz about electricity.

Additionally, Sulley asks for your help to build a lemon clock tower as study material.

Read more to learn more about The Power of Knowledge friendship quest in Disney’s Dreamlight Valley and how to complete the quest.

The Power of Knowledge Dreamlight Valley: Friendship Above All

The power of knowledge is a quest you can activate by talking to Sulley in the game.

Sulley will be roaming around ‘The Plaza’ section of the map.

The Power of Knowledge Dreamlight Valley
The power of knowledge is a friendship quest with showcasing rewards.

Additionally, if you don’t find Sulley you can locate Scooby Doo who is much easier to find near the eggplant farm, Sulley will be close.

After you complete the first set of Sulley’s asking Sulley will then go to talk to Vanellope.

However, Sulley’s explanation to Vanellope doesn’t go well in the first roundabout electricity and power.

Thus, begins another set of quests which are very short and very easy to complete.

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The Power of Knowledge Dreamlight Valley: How To Complete?

Follow the steps below to complete ‘The Power of Knowledge’ in Disney’s Dreamlight Valley:

1. Lemon Clock

Firstly, you will be required to craft a Lemon Clock at the crafting station.

However, You must gather a few materials from the game’s world.

  • Lemons x10
  • Iron Ingot x2

After you have gathered the materials, go to your crafting station and find Lemon Clock under Functional Items.

Make sure you have space in your inventory for the Clock and after acquiring give it to Sulley.

Additionally, You will then be required to listen to Sulley and Vanellope.

2. Frightcade Game

You will then be required to go to Monster’s Inc. Realm to collect the Frightcade Game.

Find Dream Castle, which will be above The Plaza, and click on it for the Fast Travel option and go to Monster’s Inc.

Upon fast travel to the Realm, exactly on the right hand side, there will be a room with Frightcade Game inside it.

Collect the arcade and go back to Sulley.

3. Gather More Materials

You will need to gather some more materials after you have talked to Sulley.

Sulley will then tell you to craft

  • Purified Night Shards x5
  • Dreamlight Magic Arcade Game x1

Additionally, to craft Purified Night Shards you will need:

  • Night Shards x25, 5 for each Purified Night Shards
  • Dream Shard x5, 1 for each Purified Night Shard

Upon gathering the necessary materials, go to your crafting station, and under Potion and Enchantments, craft Purified Night Shards.

To craft Dreamlight Magic Arcade Game, you will require:

  • Gold Ingots x6
  • Purified Night Shards x5
  • Frightcade Game x1

Furthermore, Dreamlight Magic Arcade Game will be under Functional Items at the crafting station.

dreamlight magic arcade game
Dreamlight Magic arcade game is an arcade you can later use so placing it in a memorable site is recommended.

4. Go Back To Sulley

After acquiring the required materials, return to Sulley and give him the arcade game.

He will return the arcade to you and inform you that you can place the arcade anywhere in the valley of your choice.

Furthermore, place the arcade anywhere you like and power it up.

Additionally, you will need to listen to Sulley and Vanellope talk once again where Vanellope will finally be interested in Sulley.

She will ask about games and chemistry to Sulley which he can’t keep up with and thanks the protagonist of the game.

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