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Can You Release Horses In Tears Of The Kingdom?

Tears of The Kingdom is one of the most loved franchises of the Nintendo game The Legend of Zelda.

In addition, Horses in TotK are important to traverse throughout the game. However, sometimes you need to release them in the game for several reasons.

You can release the Horses in Tears of The Kingdom by either bringing a new Horse to the stable or killing or letting the Horse die. However, to be able to replace a Horse, the Horse stable should be already full.

In this article, we will dive deeper into the location of Horses in the game and how we can release them.

What Are Horses In ToTK?

Horses play a significant role in ToTK, offering players numerous advantages and are found in the vast fields of Hyrule.

They provide a fast and efficient mode of transportation, allowing players to traverse vast distances quickly.

Additionally, Horses are vital for engaging in horseback combat, allowing players to gain the upper hand against enemies.

Furthermore, they can be used to race against other Horses, which can be a fun way to challenge yourself and earn rewards.

How To Get A Horse In TotK?

To get a Horse in Tears of The Kingdom, you must approach a wild Horse and then tame it.

As mentioned before, wild Horses can be found across the wide fields of Hyrule.

To approach a Horse, you must be very quiet and approach from a place where they can not see; otherwise, they will be scared and run away without you taming it.

totk get a horse
The Horses should be approached quietly to tame them.

Furthermore, you can follow the step outlined below to tame a Horse;

  1. First, approach the Horse from behind.
  2. Second, crouch down so that you are not seen.
  3. Third, press the A button to mount the Horse.
  4. Fourth, hold down the L button to calm the Horse.

Finally, once the Horse is calm, you can ride it, and keep it at a stable.

Moreover, there are 16 different stables located at different places across different game fields.

However, only six different Horses can be tamed at a time, even though there are many stables.

Can You Release Horses In Tears Of The Kingdom?

Yes! You can release the Horses in Tears of the Kingdom.

However, to release the Horses in the game, you must have the Horse stock full, which is six at maximum. 

Moreover, there are two ways to release the Horses: one is by bringing a new one and another is by letting go of another or by killing/letting the Horse die.

1. Bringing A New Horse

If you bring a new Horse to a stable, you must let go of one Horse if your stable is full of six Horses.

This could be one way to release a Horse in the game.

totk stable releasing horses in ToTK
A stable in Horse can contain six Horses

2. Killing Or Letting The Horse Die

Another way to release the Horses is to kill the Horse or let a monster kill it.

However, you could also kill a Horse by letting them fall through a cliff.

Moreover, a Horse can also die of old age if you do not provide proper care.

Although you cannot do anything about it, letting a Horse die can be one good option.

totk monsters releasing horses in ToTK
The monsters in ToTK can kill a Horse in TotK.
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The Bottom Line

Horses are an essential means of transportation to travel throughout the Tears of the Kingdom.

Additionally, they help to explore, add excitement to combat encounters and contribute to the nature of the game.

Also, you can release Horses in ToTK by bringing a new Horse or killing the Horse.

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