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What Is Version 49 In Lethal Company?

Are you confused by Lethal Company showing Version 49 after the recent update?

You’re not the only one; players are puzzled over the game displaying version 49 as the latest update.

Players are confused by Lethal Company displaying Version 49, a visual bug causing confusion about the game’s actual version. However, developers confirmed Version 47 as the latest and most valid release.

In this article, we will discuss the version 49 bug in Lethal Company.

Lethal Company Update New Version

Lethal Company frequently releases updates to improve the gaming experience, fix issues, and introduce exciting features.

Furthermore, the latest official update version is Version 47 in Lethal Company.

Each update brings various changes, such as enhancing the functionality of tools like shovels and adding new hallways for diverse gameplay.

Moreover, the updates also rework enemy behaviors for a more engaging challenge.

In the version 47 update, Forest Giants are more likely to leave players alone after they’ve reached safety, offering a better chance of survival.

Nutcrackers have become more formidable, able to move while aiming after repeated shots.

lethal company version
The latest version is version 47 in Lethal Company.

Other improvements include adjustments to fall damage, bug fixes, and the removal of holiday decorations post-Christmas.

The significant addition of challenge moons has captured players’ interest, providing weekly, randomly generated experiences.

Moreover, this lets everyone try and compare their efficiency on a leaderboard.

Here is a list of some updates in version 47:

  • Shovels are 60% lighter.
  • Improved shovel collisions.
  • New Factory map hallway.
  • Reworked enemy behaviors.
  • Nutcrackers can aim while moving.
  • Thumper’s movement adjusted.
  • Faster Bunker spiders near death.
  • Louder Coilhead footsteps.
  • Longer Jester cranking.
  • Fall damage tweaks.
  • Bug fixes for various issues.
  • Deterministic positions for game elements.
  • Server tag feature for lobbies.
  • Weekly challenge moons with leaderboards.
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Lethal Company Version 49

In Lethal Company, the most recent official version is 47, as indicated by the developers.

However, a visual bug has been affecting players, displaying versions 48 or 49, even though these are not legitimate updates.

This bug has confused players, prompting some to question if they missed relevant patch notes.

It’s important to note that searching for information on versions 48 and 49 won’t yield any results because they do not exist in the official release notes.

However, the community needs reassurance that the displayed Version 49 is only a visual bug and that the latest legitimate version is Version 47.

Further, the developers have assured the community that version 47 is the latest and most valid release.

version 49 company
Version 49 is a visual bug and not an actual version of Lethal Company.

Moreover, the bug has impacted player confidence and raised questions about potential missed updates or changes.

Despite the visual bug, players are encouraged to enjoy the features introduced in the latest version, Version 47.

Furthermore, players should not be concerned about the displayed Version 49.

The Bottom Line

Lethal Company keeps things exciting with regular updates, and the most recent version is version 47.

However, a visual bug is confusing by displaying non-existent Version 48 and 49. 

But don’t worry; developers confirm that Version 47 is the latest, and no other version exists after that. 

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