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Head Gear To Beat Raven In Armored Core 6

Players need the Head to defeat Raven in one of the game quests in Armored Core 6: Fire of Rubicon.

It is one of the items playing can equip for a significant advantage in battle.

HD-001 Melander and Ah-J-124 Basho are the best heads to beat Raven in Armored Core 6. However, players must prioritize the overall build for the AC to face these enemies.

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Who Is Raven?

Nightfall Raven, also known as Raven, is one of the bosses in the game.

Players can initially interact with the potent foe at Defend the Old Spaceport location.

armored core 6 raven head
Raven boss in the Defend the Old Spaceport.

This mission can be obtained after completing the Attack in Old Spaceport quest.

In this mission, players must defend the location from Raven and progress through Fire of Rubcion.

Head In Armored Core 6

There are different units for AC, including the Head, arms, legs, core and back parts.

Among them, the Head is the essential gear players use in combat against enemies.

Head impacts the character’s movement and fire speed in the battles.

Moreover, using the head part enhances the ammunition tracking ability and shock absorption.

The Head gear also assists players in scanning the enemies for a formidable win.

There are different types of Head parts in Armored Core 6 whose features and abilities differ from builds.

Upon progressing through games, players can unlock rare head gears as well.

In addition, players should know the best usage for the Head gear in the AC.

As all the gear will have different mechanisms, players should carefully analyze the enemy’s strengths and weaknesses.

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Head To Defeat Raven In Armored Core 6

Players may have difficulty picking the best Head Part to defeat Raven in the Armored Core 6 game. 

As there are many Head parts to choose from, selecting the best one can be an issue.

Moreover, players may not have powerful heads and overall builds as the game is new.

Even if players have a great head part, not the overall builds, fighting against enemies will be an issue.

So, here are some of the best Head Players can use to battle the enemy;

1. HD-001 Melander 

The Melander provides one of the highest altitude stability for the players.

Players will have a significant advantage over stronger enemies using Melander, thanks to 910 armor points.

armored core 6 raven head
Using Melander Head Part in the battle.

Moreover, the Melander will improve the player’s defense mechanism and provide the best system recovery.

Lastly, the utility grants more than a hundred system recoveries and outputs of 135.

2. Ah-J-124 Basho

Getting the Basho in the early game may be a bit realistic, but it is one of the best heads to beat Raven.

This Head gear will offer a stronger build if combined with other parts and inventories, making the character invincible.

The highest-weight head part can be purchased for 60000 COAM at the part’s shop. 

Moreover, Basho can deploy good defense, greater Scan distance and ammunition stability.

3.Hd-033M Verill

Another Head gear that comes in handy when fighting against Raven is Verill.

This part has the highest Scan distance and altitude stability compared to others.

It offers an AP of 1080, and due to these exclusive features, it costs more than 200000 COAM.

The Retrofilled head part also offers a wide range for scanning the enemies in an optimal period

4. VE-44A

VE-44A boats the Altitude Stability and provides an insane cover due to over a thousand armor points.

Moreover, the utility has a higher scanning distance and provides defensive stability to the character.

Extracting the items could be a huge issue as it costs 275000 COAMS in the store.

If combined with other gears in the build, the VE-44A can be the best Head equipment for the players.

5. IA-CO1H Ephemere

The Ephemere is among the highest-weight Head equipment in the game.

It gives the user a health range of 990 AP and the highest stability compared to other head parts.

Epherme’s total EH load comes to 233 and system recovery of 132.

Unfortunately, its scanning distance may be an issue for many users.

The Bottom Line

There are many Head inventories to fight against powerful machines like Raven.

However, Basho could be the best option to boost defense and scan the target.

Moreover, this gear’s price is pretty reasonable compared to other head parts.

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